Art and Design (6AD0201) Externally Set Assignment typographical errors

19 February 2015

The Externally Set Assignment brief for Art and Design (6AD02/01) contains some typographical errors.

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Page and paragraph Error
Page 5, para 1 The artist “Velásquez” is referenced. The correct spelling is “Velázquez”.
Page 6, para 2 The text refers to, “...Laurie Beckermans’s “...Laurie Beckerman’s minimal...”
Page 6, para 4 The text refers to, “...The Big Rethink for Architectural Review...” This should read, “...The Big Rethink for The Architectural Review...”
Page 7, para 2 The text refers to, “...Ed Ruscha’s, Philips 66, Flagstaff, Arizona...” This should read, “...Ed Ruscha’s Phillips 66, Flagstaff, Arizona...”
Page 7, para 3 The text refers to, “Tina Barney’s Theatre of Manners...” This should read, “Tina Barney’s Theater of Manners...”
Page 9 The text refers to a, “...modular system of textiles pieces.” This should read, “...modular system of textile pieces.”
Page 10, para 2 The text refers to, “Stéphane Massa-Bidal’s company Retrofur” The correct company name is “Rétrofuturs”.
Page 10, para 4 The illustrator “Dave Mckean” is referenced. The correct spelling is “Dave McKean”.

Please ensure A level Art and Design candidates are made aware of this clarification notice.

An amended version of the Externally Set Assignment brief is now available in the course materials section of the Art and Design page.


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