Registrations and entries Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Basedata

Becoming an EDI centre

Want to get started with EDI? You don’t need any specific approval; we just need certain details from you so we can provide the full range of services. 

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To get you up and running, we'll need you to email confirming the following information:

  • The file transmission method (A2C) to allow us to send registration, test and results acknowledgement files
  • Your centre's EDI contact name, job title, telephone, and email address to enable us to email file receipt and processing acknowledgements. (The email you use should be a generic address where possible - for example,

Starting to use EDI

There's no need to send a test file of data before you start using EDI with us, but when you send the first file please email to let us know you've sent it. We'll then inspect the file and monitor its progress to ensure that there are no formatting or processing problems.

If you want to send a test file before you start using EDI, please email for advice on how to proceed.

Sending files

If you use EDI to make registrations and entries, you'll have to set up the A2C Migration Application hosted by AVCO Systems. You can learn more about A2C here, or contact AVCO Systems for further details.

To receive files using A2C, you simply need to click the ‘Send/Receive files’ button in the inbox. From here you can import files into your MIS.

To send files to us, you'll need to import them into A2C from your MIS, and then click the ‘Send/Receive files’ button in the outbox.

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