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OSCA is the online system that facilitates accreditation for Lead Internal Verifiers who have provided evidence of accurate internal assessment. Find out about the OSCA support we offer.

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OSCA Availability 2019/20

The OSCA platform within Edexcel Online where you login and register as the Lead IV is open now. Please note, that due to Lead IVs previously being unable to access the standardisation materials, we will be extending the window for completion of this activity to Friday 11 October 2019. Some important changes that you need to be aware of are explained below.

QCF LIV Registration

As you may be aware, OSCA accreditation ceased to exist on the 31 August 2019. If your accreditation was due to expire in 2020, 2021 or 2022, or if you have recently reinstated your accreditation, please note that although it will show against your account on the OSCA platform, this should be ignored whilst we remove this information from being displayed. By registering as LIV for a QCF programme you are confirming standardisation will take place.

QCF Standardisation Materials

Previously QCF LIVs were expected to take an Online Standardisation test, where you accessed materials and a test from the Online Standardisation tab. The materials have now been moved and placed under the Standardisation Materials tab. This is because there is no longer a test associated with them, and LIVs are expected to standardise in the same way as the RQF/NQF BTEC programmes. The only difference is that LIVs will not have to tick the box to confirm you have viewed the induction materials.

RQF/NQF LIV Registration

The process for the registration and standardisation of RQF/NQF LIVs remains the same as in previous years. LIVs should remember they must watch the induction video/tick the box before they can download the standardisation materials. LIVs are then able to tick the box to confirm standardisation has been undertaken.

RQF/NQF Standardisation Materials

The RQF/NQF materials can still be found under the standardisation materials tab. You must have watched the induction video/ticked the box in order to access these materials.Please check the message board on the OSCA site, for any updates relating to this information.

UK Vocational Quality Assurance Handbook 

The UK Vocational Quality Assurance Handbook contains essential guidance on quality assurance, the roles and responsibilities of Lead Internal Verifiers, and the accreditation process.  

Read the UK Vocational Quality Assurance Handbook

Need help with OSCA?

If you have any queries about using OSCA, please contact us and a BTEC advisor will be happy to help you.

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