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We’ve listened to your feedback and made the booking windows more flexible, so your students can sit their mock exams at a time that suits you. 

Take a look at the recommended booking windows grid below to find out when you can make entries for mock exams in your school or college for each series and when the exam papers will be available for each mock exam series window. 

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Autumn 2021 mocks 

For the 2021 autumn term we’re offering mocks during October, November and December. 

Mock exam papers will be delivered into schools and colleges 3 weeks after student entries have been submitted. From receipt of completed mock exams, results will be returned to centres within 21 days for paper and 14 days for onscreen. Please ensure you consider these timeframes when planning for your student mock exams.

The table below shows recommended key dates for your guidance. Remaining within the recommended booking windows will ensure your students are able to sit their mock exams within the relevant mock exam series.

Mocks Service key dates 

Mock exam series 

Recommended booking window 

Latest date
papers can be
delivered into
& onscreen tests
made available
Students sit
mock exams
October 2021 18/06/21 - 15/09/21 05/10/21


06/10/21 - 29/10/21


November 2021 18/06/21 - 11/10/21 05/11/21


08/11/21 - 30/11/21


December 2021 18/06/21 - 05/11/21 03/12/21


06/12/21 - 15/12/21


January - April 2022 01/11/21 - 27/03/22







17/01/22 - 22/04/22



17/01/22 - 29/04/22

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