In collaboration with the Peter Jones Foundation, we are launching a brand-new competition for learners in school or college.  

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Be the Future

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Tell me more about the 'Be the Future' Challenge

The challenge is to create a social enterprise idea that addresses a social or environmental issue, such as poverty, climate change or equality. We want to hear your ideas for a social enterprise that could work to resolve these issues. 

The social enterprise should: 

  • Address a social or environmental issue

  • Link to one of the UN’s sustainable development goals

  • Be able to make a profit through selling a product or a service

Entries will be reviewed in relation to the following criteria: creativity and innovation; viability; sustainability and impact. Submissions will be categorised by learners' Key Stage.

Please note, learners will have to ask their teachers/tutors to enter for them. Entries will close on the Friday 17 July 2020 at 5.00 p.m. (GMT+1).

What is a social enterprise?

A social enterprise is a business focused on the selling of either products or services that address social and environmental issues. They generate income, like other businesses, but will invest the majority of their profits into the cause they are aiming to address. They blend entrepreneurial skills from the private sector with values of public service.


Learners with the top entries will win an online enterprise workshop, hosted by the Peter Jones Foundation, with the opportunity to meet and hear from leading social entrepreneurs. This will be a unique learning experience for the learners behind the best social enterprise ideas and will be delivered in the Autumn (2020/21) term at a time to be arranged with the winners. There will be separate workshops for the different Key Stage winners.

How to enter

Start by discussing entry ideas with your learners. You can enter several individuals/teams into the competition, but each individual/team must only submit one social enterprise idea.

Learners may choose between two entry formats:

1. Fill in activity sheet

Download and fill out the activity sheet, giving clear information about the social enterprise idea.


2. Submit a video pitch

Create a video pitch, which can be up to 2 minutes long. It should be interesting, memorable, and succinct. It should also explain what makes the social enterprise idea unique. 

  • The video can be shot in selfie mode on a smart phone. 

  • It should be a clear and concise explanation of the issue your business is trying to address and how the social enterprise will address it. 

You must download and complete the submission form for your learners. Learners will not be able to submit a form themselves. 

You'll also need to submit signed consent forms from your learners. If they under the age of 18, they must have a parent/guardian sign their consent form.

Send your submission form to, along with the completed activity sheet/video pitch and signed consent forms. 

Please use the subject line "Be the Future Challenge + <centre name>".

Entry Checklist

  • Read the Terms and Conditions (above, under 'Important documents'). 

  • Fill in the submission form and make sure you send the correct consent forms (above, under 'Important documents'). 

  • Videos can be sent in via a YouTube link, a Google Drive link, WeTransfer/Dropbox or as an attachment on the email (in MOV/MPEG-4/WMV format).  

  • If you are entering more than one submission to the competition, make sure that each submission is clearly marked.  

  • Winners’ submissions may be used in our marketing and will be shared with the Peter Jones Foundation for judging.  

  • Video pitch must not exceed 2 minutes.  


In partnership with the Peter Jones Foundation

We’re delighted that the Peter Jones Foundation has agreed to work in partnership with Pearson to encourage learners across the UK to explore their entrepreneurial spirit and develop their skills to become young entrepreneurs.