We are bringing together resources and information to support your delivery, assessment and certification of Functional Skills to enable your learners to continue their progress in life and work. We are working with Ofqual to develop the fairest and most effective alternative arrangements for the assessment of Functional Skills.

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To ensure learners are not disadvantaged and can continue their learning journey, we will continue to offer Employer Remote Invigilation service for those learners who are unable to access Remote Invigilation from home or access a provider location. 

Please complete this form to use this service: Remote Invigilation |Exemption request form.

Our Remote Invigilation service, an innovative approach to onscreen assessment services, is now available to centres.

For more information: view our dedicated Remote Invigilation page.

Under normal circumstances, invigilation of Functional Skills tests must be conducted by the centre. However, if this is not possible due to COVID 19 restrictions you can request an exception to this meaning an employer can act as the invigilator for the test.  

The centre remains responsible for the training of the invigilator and must make clear in any request: how they will manage this process and ensure employer invigilators are fully trained; how the assessment is still being conducted in an appropriate setting; how completed assessments can be kept secure and returned to the centre to be shared securely with the awarding body for marking and how any other associated risks related to this exception will be managed to ensure the assessment is still completed securely.

To request an exceptional arrangement, you must contact us using the Invigilation Exemption Request Form

Further details on our standard invigilation rules are in our Instructions for conducting examinations guidance (PDF | 606 KB)

We are allowing SLC assessments to be conducted remotely using appropriate technologies. All remote assessments must be recorded and a Pearson Standards Verifier may ask to attend a live assessment as part of our monitoring activities.

We have published additional guidance on our website for Level 1 and 2 (PDF | 65 KB) as well as for Entry Level (PDF | 120 KB) assessments. 

In exceptional circumstances, where a learner has to self-isolate due to COVID 19, we will allow centres to extend the ‘5-day window’ for PBOD tests up to 14 days. Centres must request this extension and outline how they will ensure all PBOD materials are retained securely during the 14-day period to manage any risks to the security of the assessment during that time.

To request an extension to the ‘5-day window’ because a learner is self-isolating and cannot take the assessment within the normal 5-day period you must contact us using the Invigilation Exemption Request Form

Further details on paper based on demand assessment rules are in our Instructions for conducting examinations guidance (PDF | 600 KB).

We are working with colleagues in Ofqual, the Department for Education (DfE) and the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) and monitoring the situation closely.

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These short and easy to digest online lessons have been broken down into specific areas of learning. Targeting such areas that are either new to the qualifications through the reform or areas which have proved challenging in the past.

Current lessons that are available are list below. Continue to check back to our website for any further additions.

  • Functional Skills Maths | Level 1 | Bearings
  • Functional Skills Maths | Level 2 | Estimating Mean from Grouped Frequency
  • Functional Skills English | All Levels | Spelling Strategies

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