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Online learning as a social enterprise

17 April 2014

In March 2014, I went to listen to Sir Michael Barber in Conversation with Mike Feerick - an event which took place at the Pearson offices in London.

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Social entrepreneur, Mike Feerick, told us how he had set up ALISON in 2007 to provide free online learning to learners in the developing world. ALISON stands for Advance Learning Information Systems Online and it provides a platform for the provision of around 600 courses to over 3 million students.

The free learning is supported by advertising. Advertisers are willing to pay to reach learners in the developed world, and learners in the developing world benefit from being able to access free online content.

This interesting story provides the basis for:

Economics and Business teachers might be interested in using ALISON courses with students. These courses could provide you with the opportunity to get your students to learn some content in their own time, allowing you to use class time to build on the understanding and to focus on developing analytical and evaluative skills.

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