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Additional changes to the A level Music 2016 set works
Information about additional changes we are making to our set works.

Accessing Sound Files for AS level (2016) Music Component 3 Exam
The audio for 8MU0/03 - Component 3: Appraising - in the new AS level Music qualification will be available for digital download this year. Read the instructions on how to sign up and download the audio for the exam.

Important changes to A level Music
We have made changes to our A level Music specification. These permanent changes will take immediate effect, meaning these amendments will impact on the exam from summer 2021 and beyond

Edexcel A Level Music: September 2021 update
We recently reduced the number of set works in our A Level Music specification, following feedback from teachers that the volume of work was too high and needed accelerated change in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Edexcel A Level Music: March 2021 update
Over the last year, we’ve been reviewing our A level Music qualification to make sure we provide the right support for you during an unprecedented time of learning.


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