Make BTEC Work for your students

With options events getting closer, we are here to support you in your conversations about BTEC. Our free BTEC Options tool is easy to use and interactive; designed specially to help you talk to learners and parents about next steps. What’s more, you can easily focus on the specific BTEC courses offered by your college to get customised information by subject area. 

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New-look BTEC options tool

The new BTEC options tool has been designed to help you talk to students and parents about their next steps. This specially designed site allows you to focus only the specfiic BTEC subjects offered by your centre and get customised information by subject area to share with students and parents including:

  • employability skills students will develop on the course 
  • a range of career pathways after studying BTEC 
  • case studies from BTEC alumni in all subject areas 
  • a unique URL for students and parents giving them the information above.