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The BTEC International Level 3 Award in Robotic Operations and Level 3 Diplomas in Electrical Automotive Manufacture - developed in partnership with Comau, global leaders in delivering advance industrial automation products and systems - provide learners with an introductory understanding of robotic arm programming as well as key concepts in Electrical Automotive Manufacture.

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BTEC Level 3 Award in Robotic Operations

Robotics education allows students to address problem-based learning through the application of their knowledge. By programming a robotic arm, learners will gain industry knowledge, and acquire skills that will contribute to their understanding of key robotics concepts and support their progression in industrial manufacturing.

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Did you know, the growth in the use of industrial robots continues at a remarkable pace across the globe? The global industrial robotics market was valued at US $18.5bn in 2019 and is growing at 12.1% during the forecast period from 2020 to 2028.  

  • Designed to provide a focused and specialist introductory vocational course in industrial automation with a clear work-related emphasis.
  • Provides the knowledge, understanding and skills required to use robotic automation for operation of a robotic arm that could be used across a range of engineering sectors.   
  • Develops a learner’s abilities in robot programming and engineering.
  • Allows a learner to understand the specific terms and techniques associated with working on a robotic system. 
  • Allows the learner to use and programme a hardware Robotic arm using Comau’s Robosim software.                                                                 

1. Robotics Systems and Basic Procedures – 10 hours

2. Fieldbus and Reference Systems – 10 hours

3. Motion Programming  - 15 hours

4. Further Robot Programming  - 20 hours

Digital course - presented in four modules, direct to the learner – with teacher guidance and opportunities for teachers to support learners through the course in group activities

BTEC Specialist qualification in Robotics - in four units, aligned to digital modules, requiring completion of an internally assessed assignment to achieve the qualification

EDo Hardware robotic arm, an option to buy a hardware robotic arm that learners can programme using Robosim software. Alternatively, learners can use an onscreen simulation.

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BTEC Level 3 Diplomas in Electrical Automotive Manufacture

These qualifications are aimed at learners wishing to choose a progression route into a range of careers in electrical automotive manufacture.

Key areas of study include:

  • battery technology 

  • electrical/petrol vehicle engines  

  • new energy/hybrid vehicles and vehicle electric charging 

  • starting systems in new energy/hybrid and petrol vehicles.

Equally, the units facilitate progression into higher education and further learning.

  • Development of knowledge, skills and understanding for electrical automotive job roles
  • Internationally recognized qualification to support in-country employment         
  • Provides learners with a digital approach to learning.

  • Digital Teacher Resource Packs to support online, blended, and in-classroom learning and training
  • Free resources, including authorized assignment briefs, delivery guides and schemes of work.


  1. Battery Manufacturing 
  2. Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Motors 
  3. Electric Vehicle Drives 
  4. E–Mobility 
  5. Operation and Testing of Vehicle Electronic Ignition Systems 
  6. Function and Operation of Vehicle Petrol Injection Systems 
  7. Vehicle Engine Management Systems 
  8. Light Vehicle Suspension, Steering and Braking Systems 
  9. Operation and Maintenance of Light Vehicle Transmission Systems 
  10. Lean Production System Design 
  11. Heavy Vehicle Braking Systems 
  12. Heavy Vehicle Transmission Systems 
  13. Heavy Vehicle Steering and Suspension Systems, Wheels and Tyres
  14. Organisational Efficiency and Improvement

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Reasons to choose BTEC International Level 3 Award in Robotic Operations and/or BTEC International Level 3 Diploma in Electrical Automotive Manufacture

  • Co-created with Comau, a leading industrial automation company.
  • Internationally relevant content, designed to help learners develop the specific skills they need to progress to further study or employment in the global robotics industry.
  • Recognised internationally by governments and industry.
  • Option for a BTEC qualification that could contribute to a learner profile for progression.