A BTEC is so much more than a qualification – former BTEC students often say how they continue to apply what they learned on their BTEC course, when they progressed on to further study, started a job, and as they advance throughout their career.

This page showcases BTEC International Ambassadors who have been recognised for their passion and commitment to BTEC, whether they have personally studied a BTEC, promoted BTEC, or are individuals who believe in things to work in the 'BTEC way'.

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Our first appointed BTEC International Ambassador

Sevinç Atabay


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We are truly grateful for Ms Atabay's commitment to world class education and the work she is are doing to implement and promote BTEC qualifications, and demonstrate how BTECs help learners make progress in their lives. Her commitment to improving technical and vocational education in Turkey is evident through her proactive involvement in educational activities within TED Schools, TED University, Ministry of Education and wider educational community in Turkey.

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