Digital Technology De-mystified

The purpose of Digital Technology De-mystified is to develop your capacity to add value, innovate, and distinguish your organisation in a competitive marketplace.

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A focus on advanced technology - which includes AI, Blockchain, Robotics, and Internet of Things – is becoming a requirement for most companies, their clients and customers alike so, Digital Technology De-mystified will help you gain confidence in these areas.

The learning goals of the course are to develop the following knowledge and thinking skills.

Knowledge: Tech Domains, Impacts, Dynamics. Thinking Skills: Algorithmic, Solution, Business.

Technology is a vast subject area. Its scope embraces the most basic tools through to the most extreme complexity imaginable. There are now few areas of human activity that digital technologies do not touch. They cross and disrupt traditional boundaries, so we will explore how companies such as Rolls Royce have transformed themselves into digital technology based services business, and how other companies have innovated with digital technology to grow revenue.

The pace of the evolution of digital technology in recent times has been breathtaking, and will continue to accelerate into the foreseeable future, so a key part of this course is to identify the drivers of change and the directions in which digital technology is moving.

The course covers computing, programming, software, the internet and how businesses create digital technology solutions. Each section has a knowledge check and poses practical challenges.

The end goal of the course is for you to be able to outline a technical solution that addresses a practical business issue, and the course is designed to build all the knowledge and skills you will need to complete this task.

This course is broken down into 3 sections:

1. Digital Technology in Business - First Principles

  • Introduction
  • Computing De-mystified
  • Programming De-mystified
  • The Internet De-mystified
  • Digital Business De-mystified
  • A Framework for Digital Technology
  • Video Resources
  • Knowledge Check
  • Answers to Raspberry Pi Questions
  • Technology Framework Challenge

2. Dynamics in The Technology World

  • Garner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies
  • Hardware and Energy
  • Big Data and AI
  • Networks and Automaton
  • Human Computer Interface
  • Privacy and Security
  • Knowledge Check
  • Technology Radar Challenge

3. Algorithms

  • What is an Algorithm?
  • The Chilli Sweet Algorithm
  • A Decision Tree Algorithm
  • Google’s Page Ranking System
  • How Does Code Get Executed?
  • Video Resources
  • Knowledge Check
  • Code Challenge

4. Business and Digital Technology

  • New Business Models
  • Case Study 1 - Rolls-Royce Creates New Digital Capabilities
  • Case Study 2 - Coca-Cola Amatil uses IoT to Deliver a Personalised Vending Experience
  • Case Study 3 - The Met Office Transforms User Experiences
  • Business Technology Value
  • Video Resources
  • Business Technology Value Challenge

5. Solutions

  • The Solution Process
  • Solutions Framework
  • Video Resources
  • Knowledge Check
  • Solutions Challenge

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