Artificial Intelligence for Leaders

To take advantage of Artificial Intelligence (AI), leaders need to understand how to frame AI within their organisation and guide its implementation and use. This course is designed d to deconstruct the complexities behind AI, make it accessible, and enable leaders to govern AI – regardless of their background.

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The course will provide guidance for how to develop AI capacity across an organisation. It will explain the capabilities of AI, with examples of how it’s being used by forward thinking organisations. It will explore what leaders need to do to start their AI journey and how they can get the most out of this disruptive technology.

A key part of the course is learning from leading organisations, and analysis of Google, Facebook, Amazon, Uber and Fidelity, amongst other organisations, will help you frame and scope AI.`

At the end of this course, participants will have acquired the following:


  • strategies for taking advantage of AI
  • select and organise AI methods, and processes
  • use basic AI solution development and architecture methods.


  • enough technical know-how to appreciate opportunities, challenges, and options
  • how to plan for AI
  • how to implement AI solutions for maximum impact.


  • analyse and evaluate key AI drivers
  • be able to frame AI opportunities
  • guide the development of an AI solution.


  • a framework for thinking about AI as an organisational leader
  • sets of questions for each aspect of planning and implementation
  • planning templates.

This course is broken down into 3 sections:

1. Introduction

  • Hello AI
  • Course Objectives
  • Using the Course

2. What is AI?

  • Where is AI?
  • AI Tools and Applications
  • AI and Robotics
  • Limitations of AI
  • AI in Finance

3. Learning From Data

  • Data
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Businesses Built on Data - Google and Facebook
  • AI for Forecasting Case Study - Amazon
  • Scaling AI Case Study - UBER

4. . Taking Advantage of AI

  • Goals, Objectives, Strategy and Tactics
  • Your AI Journey
  • Common Roadblocks
  • Discussion Points

5. Implementing AI

  • Capacity Development
  • IT Infrastructure for AI
  • Delivering an AI Solution
  • Building an AI Orientated Culture and Organisation
  • Skills for AI
  • Discussion Points

6. AI Planning Template

  • Using the Planning Template
  • AI for Leaders Planning Template

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