Our BTECs in Business & Enterprise, Hospitality and Travel and Tourism are recognised by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). This means BTEC learners who complete these subjects are recognised for Foundation Management status and benefit from access to CMI career support materials.

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Pearson BTEC And Chartered Management Institute Networking Session - 29 June 2021

This FREE session will provide an overview of the partnership between Pearson BTEC and the Chartered Management Institute. These are the recognised BTECs currently mapped to the CMI Professional Standard, all offering eligibility to Foundation Chartered Manager status.​

Who is CMI?

CMI is the Chartered Management Institute.

It is the only Chartered professional body dedicated to promoting the highest standards in management and leadership excellence. With over 130,000 members worldwide, including more than 7,000 Chartered Managers, CMI's mission is to increase the number of professionally qualified managers and leaders resulting in better led and managed organisations.  

How will this benefit BTEC students?

We’ve agreed with CMI that students studying the Pearson BTEC International Level 3 in Business and Enterprise, Hospitality or Travel and Tourism are eligible for Foundation Chartered Manager status, awarded only by CMI.

Foundation Chartered Manager is the first step on the pathway to Chartered Manager. Foundation Chartered Managers are able to use the post-nominals fCMgr and, as a member of CMI, have access to a wide range of benefits, including 1000s of online resources to support continuous professional development, careers support and national & local networking opportunities.

Anyone holding a Pearson BTEC International Level 3 in Business and Enterprise, Hospitality or Travel and Tourism will benefit from a reduced membership fee for the first 12 months of membership.

Business and Enterprise


Travel and Tourism

Most careers come with a degree of management responsibility, for example, people, project or change management. CMI’s research shows that CMI accreditation boosts graduate employability by over 10% and over 80% of students agree that it can help them to develop skills to make them more employable. As such, this offer from CMI for BTEC students is a fantastic opportunity to set them apart and show future employers their commitment to ongoing professional development.

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