Exams officers play a vital role in making sure the assessment process runs smoothly and students get their results on time. We provide a number of services designed to support exams officers in their roles. 

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From this page you can access step-by-step support including our information manuals, Edexcel Online and ResultsPlus services. You’ll also find technical support, training, updates, FAQs and details of your dedicated account specialist.

Information manual

Each year we produce an information manual that's sent to all centres around the start of the academic year as a booklet. We also produce a different version of the information manual for international centres. Both manuals are available on the information manual page.

Information manual

The information manual contains details of our administrative procedures and essential information such as contacts and key dates, and is intended as a reference tool to assist exams officers and other administrators.

Key dates from the information manual are also available in the Exam Officers interactive timeline, below.

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Edexcel Online

Edexcel Online is an invaluable service for exams officers and administrators. It provides support at every stage of the qualification cycle, from approval through to registration and entry, reporting of achievement and results and post-results services.

Edexcel Online is an invaluable service for administrators, providing support at every stage of the qualification cycle, from approval to registration and entry, reporting of achievement and results, as well as post-results services.

It also gives teaching staff access to services including Online Support for Centre Assessors (OSCA) and online booking for training events. Your Edexcel Online username and password will also give you access to our secure resources* and ResultsPlus*.

If you're new to Edexcel Online, or if you have any queries, you can contact us.

*Access to secure content is based on which Pearson qualifications you're running. ResultsPlus access is granted via your Edexcel Online profile.

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Customer services

If you have any questions about the administration of Edexcel qualifications or training, or you need any other support, we have an Account Specialist dedicated to your centre who will resolve all your exams officer enquiries.

You can contact your Account Specialist directly by calling 0344 463 2535 or emailing examsofficers@pearson.com.

We aim to resolve as many enquiries as we can first time. This means that if you call us we’ll answer your question during the call, and if you contact us online the first response you receive from us will provide a comprehensive answer. Where this isn’t possible, we’ll keep you updated about how long it’s going to take us to answer your question. We’ll always respond to your initial enquiry within two working days.

Our Account Specialists often go out to visit centres, which is a great opportunity for you to receive customised training and voice any concerns you may have face to face.

Further support for exams office staff

The Exams Office

The Exams Office supports exams officers and data/assessment managers in their day-to-day role by publishing weekly updates, checklists and quality support resources. They also have numerous member-only benefits.

The Exams Office website.

The Examinations Officers' Association (EOA)

The Examinations Officers' Association (EOA) offers a broad range of help and support to the exams office community, including a suite of BTEC qualifications designed specifically for the professional development and training of exams office staff.

The Examinations Officers' Association website

The AoC Examinations Officers' Conference

The AoC Examinations Officers Conference, taking place on 8 February 2017, will not only provide you with the latest updates on the ever-changing FE landscape and its impact on the exams office but will also advise and support you in your everyday roles through a mixture of both practical and strategic sessions.

The conference also will offer you unparalleled opportunity to network and share experiences with fellow exams professionals from around the country.

The AoC Examinations Officers' Conference website

The Exams Office
Examination Officers' Association

The qualifications are:

  • Level 2: Administering Exams (Introduction)
    Ideally suited to new exams office personnel who are in a support role on a specific area within your centre.

  • Level 3: Administering Examinations (Advanced)
    Ideally suited to exams office personnel who are going to/are already taking full responsibility for the management of exams in your centre.

  • Level 4: Examinations Management (Professional)
    Ideally suited to experienced exams office personnel who may have been in post for some years and now need to upgrade their knowledge and experience on the exams system, and/or who want to have their role qualified and quantified to the Senior Leadership Team by taking a formal qualification for exams office personnel.

For more information, see the EOA website's CPD and training page.  

If you need more guidance and support, please contact us directly - we'll be more than happy to help.


These are free events that are specifically designed to support new exams officers who seek training or additional support with the administration of our qualifications, particularly academic qualifications and BTEC.

Exams Officer Training