We've pulled together the answers to some of the questions we’re most commonly asked by exams officers and organised them by topic. We’ll be adding to this list on a regular basis, so please check back here to see more questions and answers.

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BTECs - approval

If you are not a centre currently running Pearson qualifications, please go to our becoming a centre page and express your interest in running our qualifications. If you are already a Pearson approved centre, please contact your Account Specialist for further advice on how to apply for our vocational qualifications.

Contact customer services using our support portal.

Approved programmes can be seen using Edexcel Online.

  1. Go to Qualifications Approved
  2. Select Approved Programmes
  3. This will show you all your centre’s approved programmes
  4. Head to the BTEC first

Please note:

  • The Award Code is a unique code given to your centre once you’re approved for a qualification. You will use this code when registering learners, as this will ensure they are registered onto the correct programme.
  • The subject title, with any pathways set in brackets next to the subject. The cost of a standard registration is listed after the title (late registrations will incur additional fees).
  • Level of the qualification, with the award size listed after. The Guided Learning Hours (GLH) is listed in brackets after this. This may be replaced with credits where it is a QCF qualification.
  • Approved From Date is when we first approved you to make registrations onto this course code.
  • Approved To Date is the last opportunity, for this specific course code, you can make any registrations.
  • Certificate End Date is the final opportunity you have to process a certificate claim for learners, who are already registered onto this course code.
  • Active represents an active course. 'Y' means you have active registrations, and 'N' means you do not.
  • The QN number is the assigned number that is recognised by Ofqual as the recognised number when identifying qualifications.

BTEC registrations

A registration allocates a learner to a particular BTEC programme. The learner is given seven-digit registration number that is unique to that learner and course.

Each year, a new letter is allocated to new registrations made that academic year to allow you to easily differentiate between learners registered in different years.

A registration lasts for five years or until the qualification expires, or up until the certificate end-date if that is sooner, so learners should only be registered on each BTEC programme once.

Registrations are completed by an exams officer when the learner enrols on course.

Each academic year, there is a deadline set in our information manual for registrations to be made by. You should aim to register learners by the published date or late fees are incurred.

You need the following information:

  • first name
  • surname 
  • gender (if using the spreadsheet enter M or F)
  • date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY format)
  • an estimated date by which the learner will complete the BTEC (DD/MM/YYYY format and the date must be in the future). Please note: this can be changed in the future
  • if they are studying the course full or part-time (if using the spreadsheet enter A or B)

Additionally, you may want to enter:

  • an internal reference for that learner, such as their academic candidate number
  • the learner’s ULN (Unique Learner Number)

You can make registrations through EDI or directly on Edexcel Online. You can find detailed instructions and videos on how to register learners here.


For 10 registrations or fewer, please register the learners directly onto Edexcel Online:

  1. Go to Select Qualification > BTEC.
  2. Select Candidates > Register Candidate.
  3. Leave the registration type as Full Award and enter the Enrolment Date. If you have a purchase order number, enter this into the Order Number field.
  4. Select the course using the Programme drop-down and press Next.
  5. Select the Register Online option. You now have 10 minutes to register your learners.
  6. Enter the following mandatory information: first name(s); last name; sex; date of birth; planned completion date (an estimate as to when the learner will finish the course); study mode (usually full or part-time); combination (always select ‘A’).
  7. Optional information can also be entered: Centre Reference (a searchable reference for that learner), ULN (Unique Learner Number).
  8. DO NOT complete LSC Code or Collaborative Partner Number.
  9. Press the Add button, which puts the learner into the 'Candidates to be Registered' section. This then clears the 'Enter New Candidate Details' section, allowing you to input another learner. You can use the 'Edit' or 'Del' buttons to amend learner details before completing the registration.
  10. Once this list has all your learners that you want to register, press the Register button. 
  11. This completes the learners’ registration and their details are instantly registered onto Edexcel Online. You can select Confirmation Report to open a document confirming the registrations made that you can retain for your centre records.

Please get in touch with your account specialist if you are registering twins, as their shared surname and date of birth can cause a conflict during the Edexcel Online registration process.

If you have more than 10 registrations to make, Edexcel Online has a registration spreadsheet you can download to make a large number of registrations at once:

  1. Go to Select Qualification > BTEC.
  2. Select Candidates > Register Candidate.
  3. Leave the registration type as Full Award, enter the Enrolment Date. If you have a purchase order number, enter this into the Order Number field. 
  4. Select the course using the Programme drop-down and press Next.
  5. Select the Register by Spreadsheet option and download the Full Award template from the bottom of the screen.
  6. DO NOT copy any source-formatting information, delete unused columns or amend column headers. The spreadsheet requires the same mandatory information as online registrations, but there are some formatting restrictions to be aware of:
    - gender is M or F
    - dates are in DD/MM/YY format
    - study modes uses codes, use A for full-time
    - combination is a capital A. 
  7. Save the spreadsheet and use the Choose file button to locate and attach your spreadsheet, then press Upload.
  8. Before completing your registrations you can amend or delete a candidate that is on the list by pressing the 'Edit' or 'Del' buttons. 
  9. Press the Register button. 
  10. You can select Confirmation Report to open a document confirming the registrations made that you can retain for your records.

To make EDI Registrations, log in to Edexcel Online to download the registration basedata.

  1. Go to Select Qualification > BTEC and select the EDI Basedata tab.
  2. Select the Basedata format (JCQ or EDIFACT). 
  3. The Basedata Subtype is Registration 9 for initial registrations with Edexcel. 
  4. Leave the Approval Year and Programme drop-downs.
  5. Press the Submit button.

Basedata will be sent to your Edexcel Online mailbox within two hours and can be imported into your centre’s Management Information System (MIS). Registrations can then be submitted via A2C.

Once a learner is registered, you may need to make an amendment. Edexcel Online allows you to make a single amendment to a learner’s first name, surname or date of birth:

  1. Go to Select Qualification > BTEC.
  2. Select Candidates > Search by Candidate.
  3. Leave Assessment Type as Full Award and change the Session drop-down, if required. 
  4. Enter the learner’s registration number, their centre reference, their first name or surname and press Next.
  5. This launches a pop-up window with the learner information listed in it.
  6. Press Details, then press Edit on the next screen and amend the required field. 
  7. Press the Save button to submit the change.

If you require more than one amendment for a learner, please contact your account specialist to make the change for you.

A learner can be moved to another course on Edexcel Online using one of the following options:

Transfers within centre

If a learner changes course midway through study, or they have been registered on the wrong course in error, exams officers are able to transfer the learners to the new/correct course on Edexcel Online:

  1. Go to Select Qualification > BTEC.
  2. Select Candidates > Transfer within Centre.
  3. Select the academic year they were registered via the Session drop-down.
  4. If you have multiple learners to transfer, use the Current Programme drop-down to select the programme they are registered on.
    If you only have one learner to transfer, enter their registration number in the Registration Number field, then press Search.
  5. Searched-for learners will appear in the list of Eligible Candidates. Select all learners who need to be transferred and then select the programme you wish the learners to be transferred to via the New Programme drop-down. 
  6. Enter a completion date in the New Completion Date and then press Transfer.

Transfers are instant for up to 19 learners. However, 20 or more will transfer overnight.

Transfers from another centre

If a learner was registered for a BTEC programme at another centre and moves to your centre, and you offer the same programme, you can transfer their registration from that centre to your own:

  1. Go to Select Qualification > BTEC.
  2. Select Candidates > Transfer from another Centre.
  3. Enter the registration number in the Registration Number field. You will need to get this from the learner or their previous centre. 
  4. Enter their date of birth in the Date of Birth field and press Search.
  5. Select the programme they are transferring to using the Programme drop-down and enter a completion date in the New Completion Date field.
  6. Press Transfer.

These transfers are instant. If a searched-for learner does not appear, they may not be eligible for transfer. Please contact your account specialist to discuss this further.


If a learner does not complete a course, you have two options: a deletion or a withdrawal.

Each year, we publish the deadline in our information manual by which you can request a learner’s registration is deleted from Edexcel Online. Once this deadline has passed, learners must be withdrawn by the centre.


To delete a candidate's registration, you must do so before the published deadline and only if no achievement has been claimed and no external assessments have been booked or sat. You can do this either via EDI or via the student record on Edexcel Online.

This will remove the learner’s registration from Edexcel Online and will provide a refund for the cost of their registration. If the learner returns to the programme, the learner will need to be re-registered.


This is done by centres and removes the learner from the list of active registrations on Edexcel Online:

  1. Go to Select Qualification > BTEC.
  2. Select Candidates > Search by Candidate.
  3. Leave the Assessment Type field and change the Session drop-down, if required. 
  4. Enter the learner’s registration number, centre reference, first name or surname and press Next.
  5. This launches a pop-up window with the learner information listed in it. 
  6. Press Details, then press Edit at the bottom of the next screen. 
  7. Tick the box under Withdraw/Reinstate Candidate to withdraw the learner (please note: you can reinstate the learner by removing the tick).
  8. Press Save.

This will keep the learner’s details on Edexcel Online. However, they will be listed in italics to show they are not an active learner. No credit note will be provided for a withdrawal and there is no fee to reinstate a withdrawn learner.

BTEC entries and external assessments

We have three types of external assessment:

  • Paper-based: typically examination papers at a set time and date, as per normal externally set, timetabled exam papers.

  • Set tasks: a task that is completed by a learner under exam conditions, but that is externally marked (e.g. a Performance or Art piece). These are run during a windowed opportunity.

  • Onscreen on demand: an electronic, on-demand examination that learners sit at a computer and is electronically marked by Pearson.

These are marked by Pearson, rather than internally at your centre.

You can view the external assessment timetables on our exam timetables page.

Completed test papers should be sent to your examiner or to our processing centre in Hellaby. We will send attendance registers and candidate placecards. Centres in England will receive pre-paid Parcelforce labels.

Assessments can be booked three ways, depending on the type of assessment it is.


Entry basedata is downloaded from our website and imported into your learner management system. From here you create an entry file that you send to us, letting us know which learners you want to sit which exam. Basedata is located on our public website, and can be found here. Results can only be received via EDI if you make your entries via EDI. For support in making these files, please contact your provider.

Edexcel Online: paper-based

To book an assessment via Edexcel Online:

  1. Scroll down until you find the External Assessment tab, then click into Book Assessment.
  2. Choose the programme and then the examination unit. After choosing these, you will see the exact examination date or window.
  3. You will then be presented with a full list of registered learners. Tick those you wish to enter into the examined unit and press Submit.

You can now download and/or print the confirmation of learner entry.

Edexcel Online: onscreen assessment
Booking onscreen on demand assessments is almost identical to booking a paper-based assessment:

  1. Scroll to the Onscreen Testing tab, then click into Book a test.
  2. Choose the programme, the examination unit, then the date and time you wish to take the onscreen test. Always choose Test Taken at Centre (please be aware, the time format is the 24-hour clock).
  3. Press Next.
  4. Select the learners you want to sit the exam. Please note: you have the option to add 25% extra time if required.
  5. Once you have selected your learners, press Submit to set up the test. 

The test will be available to download 72 hours before the assessment. The POP LAN guide will assist you through the next steps in preparing the assessment.

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  • January 2020 results are released on 18 March 2020.
  • February 2020 results are released on 1 April 2020.
  • March 2020 results are released on 29 April 2020.
  • Summer 2020 results are released on 12 August 2020 for Level 3, and 19 August 2020 for Level 2.


Learners can resit BTEC Nationals twice and resit BTEC Level 2 Technicals and BTEC Tech Awards external assessments once.

BTEC Firsts

Yes. Learners must have:

  • Completed an outcome for all necessary units (Unclassified is a permitted unit outcome)
  • Achieved the minimum number of points at a grade threshold from the permitted combination at level 1/2, depending on the level the overall grade is awarded at.

A compensation model will be used to determine the learner’s overall grade, which means weaker performance in one unit can be counter‐balanced by strong performance in other units. You'll find more information in section 10 (Awarding and reporting for the Qualification) of the relevant BTEC First specification.

BTEC Nationals

Learners must pass all external assessments in order to receive a full qualification award.

Paper-based and set tasks

All access arrangements for paper-based and set-task external assessments are applied through the standard JCQ website and will be processed normally.

Onscreen on-demand tests

You can apply for access arrangements on Edexcel Online:

  1. Select BTEC on the qualification drop-down list.
  2. Select access arrangements

For onscreen tests that require extra time, you must make your application at least 15 working days before the test date and always before the test package is downloaded. 

25% extra time may be ticked during the onscreen test-booking stage, which will automatically be assigned to the test prior to download. 


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BTEC post-results services

You can only request post-results services for externally assessed units: paper based examinations, set tasks and onscreen on demand tests.

Paper-based and set tasks

To see which services are available for each unit, read our availability document:

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Onscreen on-demand tests

The only services available are Reviews of Marking (EARs). Due to the nature of onscreen on demand testing, the Access to Scripts (ATS) service is not available for any onscreen on demand test.

Paper-based and set tasks

This is done via Edexcel Online:

  1. Under the BTEC qualification menu, go to Post Results.
  2. Enter your learner details and paper number. 
  3. Choose which post-results service you would like to apply for.

Onscreen on-demand tests

Our guide shows how to apply for post-results services for onscreen on demand tests:

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Paper-based and set tasks

You can find out the deadlines for BTEC post-results requests here

Onscreen on-demand tests

This must be applied for within 14 working days of receiving the results. Please email fsonscreenprs@pearson.com and include the following details:

  • centre number
  • learner registration number
  • test/unit code
  • date of the test

BTEC claims

Once a learner has completed a course, you need to report any achievement obtained for internally assessed units within the BTEC programme they are registered for. You do this by claiming their award. If you do not claim award achievement, the learner will not get a certificate.

You need the learner’s internally assessed unit grades. The grades available depend on the BTEC Qualification being claimed. Externally assessed units cannot be claimed by centres, grades will be entered by Pearson automatically.

Please note: the unit codes in the specification are different to the unit codes on Edexcel Online. We would suggest using a spreadsheet to list learner registration numbers, learner names, unit names and the unit codes from Edexcel Online. You can then enter the grades into this before making the claims. This will facilitate easy entry of the internal unit grades by learner.

When you receive the unit grades for internally assessed units for your learners, you should check the units given to you meet the eligibility criteria for the qualification. If the units completed do not meet this criteria, learners will not get a certificate and no overall grade will be produced for that learner.

Before making your claims, you should ensure the teacher has provided you with enough unit grades to meet the eligibility criteria listed in the specification. You can check the criteria in a simplified format on Edexcel Online:

  1. Got to Select Qualification > BTEC.
  2. Select Candidates > Search by Candidate.
  3. Leave Assessment Type as Full Award and change the Session drop-down, if required. 
  4. Enter the learner's registration number, centre reference, first name or surname and press Next
  5. This launches a pop-up window with the learner information listed on it. Press the Details button. 
  6. Above the table with the units listed, you will see section that says Eligibility Formula. It lists how many credits are required for each unit group within the qualifications structure.

If the units given do not meet the claim criteria, either the assessor has missed off units and would need to give you further information, or they have completed enough of the qualification for a Full Award and you would need to proceed with either an Interim or a Fallback claim, depending on the learner’s situation.

Alternatively, they may just need to transfer to another level of qualification. If so, see the section on 'Transfers within centre' above.

If a learner has completed all required units and is eligible for a full certificate they can claim a full award. There are a few ways you can claim certificates:

Individual learner claims

  1. Go to Select Qualification > BTEC.
  2. Select Candidates > Search by Candidate.
  3. Leave the Assessment Type field and change the Session drop-down, if required. 
  4. Enter the learner’s registration number, centre reference, first name or surname and press Next.
  5. This launches a pop-up window with the learner information listed on it. Select Details, then Edit on the next screen. 
  6. Press the Full Award radial button. This activates the unit Results table and you will then be able to claim the internally assessed units completed by clicking the radial button in the grade column. Grades appear as:
    P - Pass
    M - Merit
    D - Distinction
    U - Unclassified
    T - Transferred (You cannot select this)
  7. Enter the month and year of the claim (MM/YY format) in the Award Date field.
  8. Press Save to submit the claim.

BTEC Bulk Grade Reporting

  1. Go to Select Qualification > BTEC.
  2. Select Candidates > BTEC Bulk Grade Reporting.
  3. Amend the the Session drop-down, if required, and select the programme you wish to claim certificates for from the Programme drop-down and press Next.
  4. This launches a pop-up window with a list of learners registered on that course. Tick all learners that need to be claimed and press the Next button.
  5. From the Summary of Units table, tick the internally assessed units you wish to claim for this group of learners. The list will include externally assessed units, please DO NOT tick these as it will prevent you from being able to submit the claim later on. 
  6. Press the Next button.
  7. Click the radio buttons on the table, to indicate you are claiming a Full Award, enter the month and year they completed the course in the Award Date column (MM/YY format). 
  8. Enter the grade in the unit code columns, referring to the Units Legend to see which unit relates to which unit code.
  9. If the information in any of the columns is the same for all learners, you can enter the details in the blue area of the table. Otherwise, details must be entered into the learner’s row. 
  10. Select Confirm grades > Make claims to submit the final claims.

EDI claims

You can submit grades via a '.era' EDI file. They must:

  • contain all the required centre, programme and learner details
  • contain one results header per learner. The learner results header must include registration number, centre number and programme number, together with the appropriate award application, award date, fallback claim and withdrawal indicator. There should also be multiple module/unit grade lines for each learner.

When we receive the file, we’ll process the learner details and send you an email acknowledgement telling you how many learners were processed and how many rejected.

We'll send BTEC results acknowledgements '.ere' file weekly for all learners whose results were reported by EDI during the previous week.

EDIFACT results acknowledgement files contain confirmation of all unit outcomes reported and the overall grade achieved, where applicable. You can download these files into your system, to record the overall result your learners have achieved.

Once a claim has been made, Edexcel Online will run a check to see if the learner is eligible for certification (once a week on a Friday evening) and those eligible for certification will be confirmed as eligible and given an overall grade. Those who are not will not be showing either a grade or certificate confirmation on the following Monday after claiming.

If the qualification has been released for certification through Standards Verification or through OSCA accreditation, and they are eligible for certification, their certificate will print the next day. If they are not released, they will be printed the Saturday after the certificates have been released. To check this on Edexcel Online:

  1. Go to Select Qualification > BTEC.
  2. Select Candidates > Search by Candidate.
  3. Leave Assessment Type as Full Award and change the Session drop-down, if required. 
  4. Enter the learner’s registration number, centre reference, first name or surname and press Next.
  5. This launches a pop-up window with the learner information listed on it. Press the Details button. 
  6. In the Award Eligible field it will say Yes
  7. If the qualification is graded the grade appears in the Overall Result field. 
  8. The Issued Date and Unit Certificate Issue Date fields will display the date the certificate was printed. 

The overall grade and certificate number also appear on the screen where you click the Details button, and this is another way to see if a certificate has been issued.

Using Edexcel Online, you can bring up a list of claims made and see if learners have been certificated, are pending certification due to a block on the qualification or are ineligible for certification. It is recommended you check this each week after you have made final certification claims. To do this:

  1. Go to Select Qualification > BTEC.
  2. Select Candidates > Claim Reporting.
  3. Enter a date range, to cover the award dates you claimed for in the preceding week, and press Submit.
  4. Learners who have had their certificates issued will be listed first in the Certificates Issued section, along with the date the certificate was issued and their overall grade (if the qualification is graded). 

If you scroll down, learners who have not yet been certificated will appear in the Certificates Pending section of the page. They may be pending because direct-claim status has not yet been granted for this programme, or there is another block on your centre's certificates.

If any learners are not eligible for certification they will appear in the Certificates Rejected section at the bottom of the list. This information can be exported into a PDF file by choosing 'Confirmation Report'.

If, when checking if the learner has certificated, the Award Eligible section on their record states Not Eligible or they appear in the Certificates Rejected section of the claim report, no certificate has been issued for them and their claims will need some amendment before they can become eligible for certification.

Some of the more common eligibility errors are:

  • Core Failure: learner has failed too many of the core units
  • Insufficient Units: learner hasn’t completed enough units to be eligible
  • Not Enough Credit: learner hasn’t achieved enough credits to be eligible
  • Not enough Credits at the level of the qualification: learner has not achieved enough credits at the required level
  • Forbidden Unit Combination: learner has two or more units that are not permitted to be completed together
  • Course/SV Block: Standards Verifier has blocked the course

If you are uncertain why they are ineligible, your account specialist can take you through the reasons and possible resolutions.

If you need to add units, you can amend your claim. If you need units removing, your account specialist will have to do this.

If they cannot be made eligible, you would need to either claim an Interim or Fallback Award if the learner will not complete the rest of the qualification.

If the student does not fully complete the qualification, and a transfer to another level still wouldn’t make them eligible, you can claim a Notification of Performance to show the units the student has completed.

This is done by making a Fallback claim, which can be done in the same way as a Full Award claim. However, instead of clicking the Full Award radial button on Edexcel Online when doing a bulk or individual claim, you select Fallback - or by indicating you are making a Fallback claim on the learner Results header on your .era file.

Printing of a Notification of Performance is subject to the same certification rules as Full Award claims and direct-claim status is required.

Once the Notification of Performance has been printed, the learner’s registration is closed and cannot be reactivated. Students should be re-registered if they restart the course.

If you would like to claim some units part-way through a learner’s course, you can do this by making an Interim claim. This will produce a Notification of Performance and will keep the registration open so you can make the Full Award claim at a later date.

Interim claims can be done in the same way as a Full Award claim. However, instead of clicking the Full Award radio button on Edexcel Online when doing a bulk or individual claim, you instead select Interim - or by indicating you are making an Interim claim on the Learner Results header on your .era file.

When making the claim, you do not indicate an award date like you do with a Full Award or Fallback claim.

Printing of a Notification of Performance is subject to the same certification rules as Full Award claims and direct-claim status is required.

BTEC results

When you receive learners' overall grades depends on the framework:

NQF - Qualifications that have an external assessment:

  • Summer 2020 (Level 3) - 13 August 2020
  • Summer 2020 (Level 2) - 19 August 2020.

QCF - Qualifications that consist of only internally assessed units (All levels):

Providing you have nothing blocking your certification, this should be processed every Friday with confirmed results available on the following Monday.


This depends on the framework and if you have sent us a results file.


You can receive these via the following methods:

  • EDI: if you have sent us a 7B file before 31 April, we will send you the overall results file on the results day.
  • Edexcel Online: on the results day, you can download the NQF Results Report from Edexcel Online or, alternatively, you can search for individual learner results via Candidates > Search by Candidate.


You can receive these via the following methods:

  • EDI: if you have sent us a 7B file before 31 May, we will send you the overall results file on the August results day.
  • Edexcel Online: there is no way to see your learners’ overall results via a report. You will have to either check by cohort under Candidates > Search by Course or, for individual learner results, via Candidates > Search by Candidate.

BTEC certification

Once learners have been certified, this can be viewed under the cohort listing:

  1. Go to Candidates > Search by Course.
  2. When you go into the qualification, you will see a certificate number under the Certification No column. This will only be populated once the learner has been certified.

Certificates will be in centre in 14 days after they have been printed.

January and February 2020 BTEC Tech Awards certificates are issued by the 15 April 2020.

March 2020 BTEC certificates are issued by the 23 June 2020.

Non-examined assessment (NEA), including coursework and controlled assessment

You can submit your NEA marks via Edexcel Online. To do this:

  1. Log in to the website and select the qualification from the drop-down menu in the top left of the page. 
  2. Now select Candidates > Search By Course and the date. 
  3. Find the unit that you wish to submit the marks for and select Papers > Coursework Marks.
  4. Input the marks here and press Submit

Due to the levels of security required for some of the controlled assessment tasks, only Heads of Centres, Examination Managers, Examination Officers or Examination Assistants are able to download Controlled Assessment Materials.

To do so, they need to have the Secure Download Service profile ticked on their Edexcel Online Account.

Centres will also need to have made Estimated Entries, Entries or Registrations for the particular subject or qualification for which they would like to download controlled assessment materials.


Once you have made all of your entries, we will be checking to see that your candidates are eligible for overall awards. Your Account Specialist will contact you regarding any ineligible candidates you may have to ensure that their eligibility can be resolved before Results day.

To view your ineligible candidates on Edexcel Online, please watch the video tutorial guide: 

Eligibility requirements for modular qualifications are available in the relevant qualification section of the Information Manual. An online version of the manual can be found here.

For GCSE specification rules on terminal requirements, resits and certification, please refer to the JCQ guidelines here.  

Amendments to ineligible candidate entries can be made via EDI or Edexcel Online until 31 July for the summer exam series.

For any changes after that date please contact us.

Entries, withdrawals and amendments

You can find entry deadlines for all our qualifications in the key dates section of the Information Manual.

If a student wants to resit a GCSE controlled assessment unit, the resit must be a new piece of work and must be valid in the session in which it is submitted.

Estimated grades

We no longer require you to provide us with estimated grades for your candidates.


For the latest grade boundaries, as well as those from previous series, see the grade boundaries page.

We offer a variety of different post-results services for the qualifications we offer. Find out more about post-results services here.

For a detailed explanation of what raw marks are and how they are converted into UMS marks, see the understanding marks and grades page.

Sometimes our system will allocate a different UCI number existing from a previous examination series to the one you have submitted when making entries. This is because the candidate details you have submitted have matched details with pre-existing UCI numbers in our system.

Contact customer services using our support portal.

BTEC deletions

You can now make deletions on the student record on Edexcel Online. You can only delete a registrations before 31 January in the academic year the learner was registered, and for registrations with no achievement of external assessment bookings.

If a learner decides to change course, you can transfer them through Edexcel Online. If they decide to drop down a level, you will receive a refund. This is calculated as the difference between the cost of the larger and smaller qualification, minus an administration fee of 50% of the difference. The administration fee is capped at £15.80.

If the learner completely withdraws from the programme and does not intend to return, you can request a deletion by email or EDI.

No. When you withdraw a learner from a programme, the registration is still live but set as inactive. You can return at a later stage and reactivate the registration by removing the withdrawal flag on Edexcel Online, providing this is done within the five-year life of the registration.

BTEC registrations

Yes. Learners can top up to a larger qualification at the same level, allowing them to study additional units and providing an opportunity to improve upon their already assessed unit grades.

A learner's registration can only be topped up once it has been fully certificated.

DfE Performance Tables/ Headline Measures

No. The 1 November deadline only applies to learners who are being registered at the beginning of the academic year and pursuing their studies throughout the length of the qualification.

Roll-on/roll-off learners have to be registered within one month of enrolment on the course. We advise you to use Edexcel Online or EDIFACT to make roll-on/roll-off registrations, as these systems allow you to amend enrolment dates.

JCQ EDI does not allow you to amend enrolment dates and will always default to 1 September. If you do use JCQ EDI, please email eprocessing@pearson.com quoting the file reference number and confirming the correct enrolment date.


Please return the certificate with a covering letter stating the corrections that need to be made to Account Services at the address below:

Pearson Account Services
The Lighthouse
14 The Quays
M50 3BF

Once we receive the original certificate, we will make the required amendments and send the corrected certificate to your centre.

Please ensure that certificates are returned to us within 30 days of you receiving them, otherwise your centre may incur a charge.