Child Development and Well Being

Safeguarding children
This update reflects on some of the key changes in ensuring the safeguarding of children within the Early Years setting.

BTEC Nationals in Children’s Play Learning and Development
This update focuses on the qualifications you can currently register learners on to and looks to the future for Childcare qualifications

Breakfast/teatime briefing schedule
The breakfast/teatime briefing schedule focuses on the standards verification process, external assessment and an overview of the new NQF qualifications.

Guidance for centres delivering the BTEC Children’s Play, Learning & Development with the co-assessment of CYPW
This update is a checklist for thoses centres delivering the BTEC Children's Play, Learning and Development with the co-assessment of CYPW.

Introducing the Edexcel Early Years Conference 2014
The first ever Edexcel Early Years Conference will support the new BTEC Level 3 Nationals in CPLD for 2014 (Early Years Educator) in England.

BTEC Level 3 Nationals in CPLD (EYE) accredited from September 2014 in England
Information about the new BTEC Level 3 Nationals in CPLD from 2014 (EYE) in England.

Early Years Conference 2014 - a huge success!
We're delighted to feedback on the huge success of the first ever Pearson Early Years conference. The day featured support, guidance, networking and thought provoking discussions.

BTEC Level 3 CPLD post-results guidance 2014
Results day information for the BTEC Level 3 CPLD qualification.

BTEC CPLD Level 3 external assessment next steps
This article provides guidance and support for centres delivering the Unit 1 - Child Development external assessment unit.

BTEC Firsts in Children's Play, Learning and Development - External Assessment Results
This update focuses on BTEC Level 2 Children's Play, Learning and Development external assessment guidance for the Unit 1 and Unit 4.

New entry requirements for Level 3 EYE qualifications
Changes to entry requirements for new Level 3 Early Years Educator qualifications and what this means to you.

Important changes to BTEC Early Years qualifications in England, Wales and Northern Ireland
We’re making important changes to the registration dates of our BTEC Early Years qualifications in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

BTEC curriculum support network events
Included are the dates of our spring term Curriculum Network events for further education institutions delivering BTEC Early Years qualifications.

Practical Evidence Portfolio for first teaching September 2016 - support and guidance
This subject update reflects on how we can support you in the implementation of the Practical Evidence Portfolio as part of the BTEC Level 3 Children’s Play, Learning and Development (2016).

March 2016 CPLD and childcare update
Hello and welcome to the March edition of the CPLD and childcare subject page update.

Children and Young People’s Workforce - July update
Pearson Edexcel Level 2 Certificate for the Children and Young People's Workforce 500/9940/1 - update July 2016

Early years news and updates July 2016
Early years sector news and updates July 2016

November subject update
Read the latest updates for BTEC Children's Play, Learning & Development for Firsts and Nationals

Entry deadlines for BTEC external assessment
Entry deadlines for BTEC externally assessed components and units.

January subject update
This update introduces the new Subject Advisor for Childcare and news about the sector.

BTEC Nationals Children's Play, Learning and Development - Unit 4 FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions about Unit 4 (External) Enquiries into Current Research

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