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September Subject Advisors update

29 September 2022

The September update from your Subject Advisor

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Welcome back to the new academic year.

This months update includes information about the new Tech Award in Child Development and some useful key dates. 

All assessment is expected to continue as normal this year. All mitigations and adaptations have been removed. This includes work placements. 

Key Dates

3rd October  Release of the first PSA for Component 1 and 2 (Tech Award)
18th October  Entry deadline for the Tech Award internally assessed component for the Autumn series
18th October Deadline for the Janauary/February externals (all BTECS)
1st November  Deadline for all BTEC registrations
15th December  Deadline for uploading comleted work for moderation (Tech Award) 

New BTEC Tech Award Child Develoment

All students that have started on the Tech Award this September and will certificate in Summer 2024 will need to be registered on the new Tech Award (2022).

If the students are completing in one year and will certificate in 2023 they need to be on the old specification. 

Resources for the new Tech Award (2022)

There are lots of useful tools and resources for the new Tech Award.

The Teacher Guide will help you with planning and delivery of the course. 

Teacher Guide

New Assessment tracker Tool

The assessment tracker tool can be downloaded from the qualifcation page. It is a free resources that will help you track your students completing the new Tech Award.

Assessment tracker Tool


Please see the training events for the BTEC Tech Award in Child Development. There are still some dates left for the marking and moderation training

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The future of Level 3 qualifcations

You can read more about the furture of Level 3 qualifcations and some of the key dates.

BTEC Nationals in Children's play, learning and development will be avalible for 2023 and we will get an update on 2024 in the summer from the DfE. No funding has been withdrawn and the list is still provisional. 

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External Assessment dates

BTEC Tech Award Supporting Children to Play, Learn and Develop 02/01/23 AM
BTEC Technical Unit 2- Child Development from Birth to Five years 28/02/23 PM
BTEC First Unit 1- Patterns of Child Development 12/01/23 PM
BTEC Nationals  Unit 1- Children's Development 20/01/23 AM
BTEC Nationals  Unit 2- Part A  11/01/23  
BTEC Nationals Unit 2 -Part B 13/01/23 AM
BTEC Nationals Unit 4- Enquiries into current research Part A 05/12/22  
BTEC Nationals  Unit 4- Enquiries into current research Part B 16/01/23 AM

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