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Changes to the Externally Assessed Task

9 November 2017

This update outlines changes to the externally assessed task for new Level 3 BTEC in Children’s Play, Learning and Development (2016)

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Unit 2 Task for April 2017

On 14 April 2017 learners should have been provided with a task booklet for a two week period to complete activities based on selected scenarios.

During this time, learners are entitled develop up to 4 sides of hand written notes (unless the learner has an RA1) Notes should not be submitted with answer booklet but kept at centre until end of EAR1 closure.

On 24 April 2017 (or before) centres should have received an answer booklet for supervised assessment only. The supervised period is 6 hours, arranged by the centre over a two week period timetabled by Pearson.

Unit 2 Task for January 2018 onwards

Learners will receive the case study (Part A) 2 days before the final assessment (Part B). Learners will spend 3 hours preparing summary notes on the case study. Centres must start the research four weeks before, stated on a date provided by us.

The Set Task (Part B) for Unit 2 now takes place in a 3 hour session on a timetabled date set by Pearson.

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I hope this brings you some clarity on changes to this externally assessed unit.


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