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November Subject Advisors Update

Fri Nov 18 10:15:34 UTC 2022

The November 2022 update from your Subject Advisor

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Welcome to the November update for BTEC Childcare qualifications.

There is lots of information including the summer exam dates and new Authorised Briefs for Nationals and Firsts. 

BTEC External Assessments and Exams for Summer 2023

Qualification  Unit  Date Time
BTEC Technical in CPLD Unit 2- Children's development from birth up to five years 05/06/23 N/A
BTEC First in CPLD Unit 1-Patterns of Child development 15/05/23 PM
BTEC Tech Award in Child Development (2017) Component 3- Supporting children to play, learn and develop 18/05/23 Am
BTEC Nationals in CPLD Unit 1- Children's Development 26/05/23 AM
BTEC Nationals in CPLD  Unit 2-Development of Children's Communication, literacy and numeracy skills- Part A release 10/05/23  
  Unit 2- Development of Children's communication , literacy and numeracy skills- Part B exam 12/05/23 AM
BTEC Nationals in CPLD  Unit 4-Current research in Early years practice- Part A release 18/04/23  
  Unit 4-Current research in Early years practice- Part B exam  16/05/23 AM

New Administrative Support Guide for BTEC Tech Award Child Development (2022)

There is new guidance for the administration of the internal Pearson set Assessments for the BTEC Tech Award (2022). It contains lots of useful information which will help you plan your controlled assessment for the qualification. 

Read the new Administrative Support Guide

New Administrative Support Guides for BTEC Nationals in CPLD

There are new Administrative support guides for Unit 4 - Enquiries into current research in Early years practice and Unit 2- Development of children's communication, literacy and numeracy skills.

Read the Unit 4 guide 

Read the Unit 2 guide

New Authorised Briefs for BTEC Nationals and Firsts

New authorised assignment briefs have been written for the nationals and the firsts . You can use them with your learners now or you can adapt them to meet your needs. You do not have to use them. Please ensure they are internally verified before you give them to your learners. You can find them on the qualification page under course materials, internal assessment, New authorised assignment briefs. 


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