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December Subject Advisors Update

12 December 2022

Here is your December update from your Subject Advisor.

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Welcome to the last update for 2022. 

Hopefully you are ready for a break and I look forward to welcoming you back in the new year. 

This months update has a link to the overall grade statistics and links for entering marks for moderation of the new BTEC Tech Award 2022.

Overall Grade statistics or 2021/22

Pearson have published the 2021/22 national results data for three main qualification suits: Level 2 BTEC Firsts, Level 1/2 BTEC Tech Awards and Level 3 BTEC Nationals. 

You can view the results data including the commentary on this years results data along with the grade statistics which are under silver padlock. 

View the grade statistics

Moderation window for the new BTEC Tech Award 2022

If you have entered learners for the December moderation window, you will need to upload your marks and learner work by 15th December.

There is lots of helpful support and guidance on how to do this on the Support index for the Tech Awards. 

There are articles on making entries and downloading the marks and the learners work using the Learner work transfer (LWT) .

Look at the Support Articles

Reminder of Janauary/February Exam dates

BTEC Tech Award Supporting Children to Play, Learn and Develop 02/02/23 AM
BTEC Technical Unit 2- Child Development from Birth to Five years 28/02/23 PM
BTEC First Unit 1- Patterns of Child Development 12/01/23 PM
BTEC Nationals  Unit 1- Children's Development 20/01/23 AM
BTEC Nationals  Unit 2- Part A  11/01/23  
BTEC Nationals Unit 2 -Part B 13/01/23 AM
BTEC Nationals Unit 4- Enquiries into current research Part A 05/12/22  
BTEC Nationals  Unit 4- Enquiries into current research Part B 16/01/23 AM

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