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Pearson Edexcel has set the standard for worldwide recognised qualifications, built on the UK educational system, for more than 150 years. As the UK’s largest awarding organisation, Pearson Edexcel is best placed to provide qualifications that are most closely aligned to the British educational system. Out qualifications are offered in more than 100 countries and accepted by universities worldwide.

Stand out with the latest innovations

Pearson Edexcel is the only awarding organisation to offer a choice of assessment approach (modular or linear) for International GCSE, modular International AS/A levels, and choice of assessment format (onscreen or paper-based) at International GCSE and International AS/A level. These innovative choices allow you, your school, and your students the best chance of success.

Why choose Pearson Edexcel now?

An unrivalled switch experience

Here is a flavour of the support package you will enjoy when you choose Pearson Edexcel.

Our regional consultants are one of the reasons so many schools switch to us. They're our biggest asset and are dedicated to making your partnership with Pearson Edexcel easy. Your consultant will work with you to understand your needs and deliver your vision. They will also guide you through the extensive package of support available.

Get in touch with your local consultant

Available for many subjects, our mapping documents make the similarities and differences between your current qualification and Pearson Edexcel explicitly clear, so you know where, and if, you need to adjust your planning and teaching.

Our extensive range of course materials include:

  • Specifications help you understand the qualification structure, content, assessment, and approach.

  • Getting Started Guides support you get to grips with the content and assessment and how best to apply that to your planning and teaching.

  • Course planners, schemes of work and lesson plans include guidance on the teaching time to allocate covering the content, together with learning outcomes, success criteria and suggested resources and activities (plus more depending on the qualification and subject).

  • Sample Assessment Materials provide sample question papers and sample mark schemes, so you and your students understand the benchmark used to develop the exams.

  • Exemplars enable teachers to guide their students in the application of knowledge and skills required using real candidate responses to questions and how examiners applied the mark schemes.

Ensure high quality and consistent teaching by enhancing the learning experience with student books and teacher resources written specifically for Pearson Edexcel qualifications. Designed for international schools, teachers, and students, with a strong focus on progression, recognition and transferable skills.

Our subject experts know the qualification and subject in detail - they’re always on hand with your subject specific questions. They also provide regular subject updates and advice which you can sign-up for.

Meet the subject advisor team

We offer a range of free implementation training to get you started with Pearson Edexcel and support teachers get to grips with delivering the qualification and subject. We also offer a range of enhanced continuing professional development (CPD) courses to expand their knowledge, learn new skills and achieve their career aspirations.

Pearson Professional Development Academy

Unique to Pearson, our exam and results services which other awarding organisations can’t match.

  • examWizard a free tool for teachers containing a bank of past paper questions to help create bespoke mock exams and tests.

  • Results Plus a free online results analysis tool that gives you a detailed breakdown of your students’ performance in Pearson Edexcel exams.

  • Access to Scripts free online Access to Scripts allows you to view your candidates’ marked scripts online or download as a PDF.

The Pearson Edexcel Marketing Toolkit will help you communicate your exciting new Pearson Edexcel partnership to teachers, parents and students with a wide range of curriculum, qualification, and subject guides and presentations.

Once you’re approved, you can request to be added to our Find a Centre tool which increases the chances of prospective parents and students finding your centre. Request to be added to the Pearson Edexcel find a centre list.

Take a quick look at our assessment support services

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With you at every step of your Pearson Edexcel journey 

Whether you’re still considering Pearson Edexcel, have chosen Pearson Edexcel, or you're already a Pearson Edexcel centre, we’ll help you navigate the information you need.

  1. We know that this is a big decision for you, your school, students, and parents so we want to make sure you have everything you need to make an informed decision.
  1. You’ll want to talk to us before making the decision to switch. Our regional consultants understand your country, they take time to understand you and your school and will make switching easy.

Congratulations, you’re in safe hands!

If you haven’t already done so, let us know you intend to start teaching Pearson Edexcel qualifications. Your regional consultant will be in touch to do the rest.

Get started with the specification, sample assessment materials, and the teaching and learning materials from the Course Materials tab at the top of your chosen qualification and subject.

Register for a training course via the Pearson Development Academy where you can search by subject and level.

Look at the Welcome Guide for an overview of your journey with Pearson Edexcel.

It’s great to be working with you.

We’re always innovating to make sure you are equipped with everything you and your students need for success, so sign-up to our monthly update to keep-up-to date.

Whether you’re a teacher, exam officer, parent, or student, you can contact our team of experts who are on hand to answer any question you have.

Keep in touch with your regional consultant – they love to hear from you and learn about the success of your school and students.