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The first official Pearson BTEC International Ambassador

16 October 2020

Pearson, the world’s leading learning company, appoints Mrs Sevinç Atabay, General Manager of the Turkish Education Association (TED), as the first BTEC (Business Technology and Education Council) International Ambassador.

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BTECs were first implemented in Turkey on the K-12 level in 2015, under the leadership of Sevinç Atabay, in TED Ankara College's Middle and High Schools. Following this initial implementation, Sevinç Atabay then obtained official approval for the programme from the Ministry of National Education which began to offer BTEC courses as electives in its weekly schedule. Now, after five years, all TED Schools students can participate in BTECs.

International recognition for BTEC programmes

Around 1 million students in 70 countries participate in BTECs worldwide. Recognised by state institutions and international companies, BTECs offer opportunities and quality resources for vocational education in order to help individuals aiming to improve themselves in line with the modern world and who want to have a career in a field compatible with their talents.
As job roles and requirements continue to evolve, industries and employers increasingly place emphasis on flexibility, adaptability, critical thinking and innovation. In order to meet these needs, BTEC offers a modular, practical and learner-centered approach that guides learners along their career paths and allows them to acquire the latest industry knowledge, transferable skills and behaviours that are essential to their transition into employment, further or higher education at prestigious education institutions around the world.

Recognised achievements in vocational education

Commenting on her new international role in education, Sevinç Atabay said: “On behalf of my country, I am proud to be Pearson’s first BTEC International Ambassador. I have worked in education for 40 years and served in many national and international roles. Drawing on my experience, my ambitions are to improve students’ competencies through vocational education and training. In 2015, at TED Ankara College, I decided to integrate BTECs into the school’s existing academic programme to allow learners to gain a vocational education that prepares them for employment or further study at international education institutions. I believe that this is an innovative model that can be replicated across our region and internationally. Allowing young people and adults to specialise, gain technical knowledge and internationally recognised accreditation and awards at each stage of their education journey”.

BTEC in Turkey

TED Schools divide competencies into three levels: BTEC Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Extended Diplomas in leading fields such as Art and Design, Engineering, Business, Information Technologies, Sports, Marketing and Performing Arts. Learners who complete a BTEC receive an internationally-recognised award, certificate and a professional certificate equivalent to a diploma.

Cindy Rampersaud, Senior Vice President, BTEC and Apprenticeships Pearson, commented: "We are delighted to appoint Mrs Atabay as our first BTEC International Ambassador in recognition of her leadership and achievements in technical and vocational education in Turkey and how the TED schools have adopted international standards in their vocational curriculum through BTEC qualifications. We are looking forward to working with Mrs Atabay more closely to apply her extensive experience and expertise in vocational education internationally, and would like to thank her for her future guidance and contributions when helping adults and young people to make progress in their lives, respond to changes in the business world and support economic and social growth”.

Pearson Turkey Country Manager Sinan Kezer said: “TED Schools is a leading education institution that offers BTEC qualifications, which are valuable in academia and business and provide students with professional competencies that suit their future careers. At Pearson Turkey, we feel privileged to work with Mrs Sevinç Atabay to deliver BTECs to young people and adults in Turkey and surrounding region”.

About TED Schools

The Turkish Education Foundation was founded on January 31, 1928 by the founders of the Turkish Republic, in accordance with the wishes of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. It is proud to be the oldest non-governmental organization in the field of education in Turkey, thanks to its 92-year long history.

TED has 39 K-12 schools in Turkey, 1 school and 1 university abroad, as well as a symphony orchestra, sports clubs and alumni associations. Providing education in Turkish and foreign languages, TED Schools are raising competitive, self-confident, full-fledged and highly-qualified students. TED Schools aim to provide equal opportunities in education and provide support for students who do not have the necessary funds alongside its schools. It also provides economic and scientific contributions to the Turkish education system.

Contact: Serpil Uysal Yılmaz
Tel: 535 787 64 28


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