The T Level Technical Qualification in Legal Services has been partnered by The Chartered Institiute of Legal Executives.

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The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEX) is one of the three main professional bodies covering the legal profession in England and Wales. The 20,000-strong membership is made up of CILEX Lawyers, paralegals and other legal professionals.

CILEX pioneered the non-university route into law and in 2021 launched the CILEX Professional Qualification (CPQ), a new approach that marries legal knowledge with the practical skills, behaviours and commercial awareness needed by lawyers in the 2020s.

CILEX and their professional members will work in partnership with Pearson to create a Technical Qualification (TQ) that supports the professional standards for the sector. Our partnership with CILEX will go wider than the TQ specification content and assessment: we will work together to share expertise and ensure the T Level in Legal Services supports progression directly into the CILEX Professional Qualification (CPQ) Framework. Together, we will look to support progression to the CPQ Foundation stage, enabling students to have their prior TQ learning recognised, and giving them the opportunity to qualify as a CILEX Paralegal. Following this, students will have the opportunity to progress their studies further with CILEX and qualify as a CILEX Advanced Paralegal or CILEX Lawyer. This initiative gives students a clear line of sight as to where their career could progress, giving them and their parents confidence that the T Level in Legal Services will be a suitable alternative to A levels if they wish to pursue a career in Legal Services.