Pearson LearningHub

Developed in partnership with Skill Pill, a market leading digital content expert, Pearson LearningHub provides high quality bite-sized and mobile-optimised learning content mapped to apprenticeship standards. The content is designed to deliver an engaging experience for apprentices for better retention.

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New Digital Learning Content

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The learning resources available in Pearson LearningHub includes:

  • Animated videos exemplifying key concepts
  • Infographics with images and text to engage learners
  • Interactive visual storyboarding
  • Interactive quizzes with instant feedback
  • Support templates and interactive worksheets

Why choose Pearson LearningHub?

  • Supports off and on-the-job training - our bespoke learning content is mapped to the knowledge and behaviours outcomes of apprenticeship standards, giving you and your employers the reassurance that learners are developing and/or applying relevant behaviors and knowledge in the workplace
  • Enrich and enhance on-programme learning - the learning content is mapped to Pearson on-programme apprenticeship qualifications offering you the opportunity to enhance your on-programme learning delivery
  • Track individual learner progress - tutors/trainers can easily access reporting to track individual learner progress and achievement making it possible to personalise learning
  • Support for managing and delivering 20% off-the-job training - our easily accessible reporting supports the monitoring and reporting of the 20% off-the-job training requirement
  • Enables more effective use of contact time with learners - the learning content is accessible 24/7, reducing the time spent on passing on knowledge which means that more high value learning activities can take place during direct contact time.
  • Facilitates a blended learning approach – less time is spent on lesson planning, development of formative assessments and assessing learning, making delivery more efficient
  • Increase content retention - the visually stimulating and interactive bite-size content maximises learner engagement and content retention and give learners control over their learning
  • Accessible from desktop or mobile – ‘accessible learning; anytime, anywhere’
  • Helps learners develop personal effectiveness - the learning content focuses on exploring and nurturing behaviours and transferable skills and helps improve personal effectiveness in the modern workplace
  • Enables learners to assess their own learning programme - the learning content includes short interactive quizzes with immediate feedback enabling learners to assess their own learning progress
  • Consolidate and strenghthen learning - learners can view the content as many times as they need to in order to consolidate and strengthen their learning
  • Supports off and on-the-job training - as the learning is content mapped to the knowledge and behaviours outcomes of apprenticeship standards, it not only supports on and off-the job training requirement, but also gives you the reassurance that learners are developing and/or applying relevant behaviors and knowledge in the workplace
  • Minimal disruption to work - 24/7 online access to content means learners do not have to leave their work site to engage in learning and are able to be flexible in completing any work required
  • Track learners' learning progress - Pearson LearningHub allows line managers to track learner activity, in turn supporting them in completing their Gateway evaluation
  • Have greater involvement in off-the-job learning development- 24/7 access to the learning content provides the opportunity for line managers and workplace mentors to view learning materials and be more involved in their learners off-the-job learning development
  • Improves work practices - line managers can use the learning content to support learners in carrying out their roles and duties in the workplace, therefore improving their work practices and personal effectiveness

With many years’ experience in designing and developing learning content and assessment, you can trust Pearson to deliver high quality content that is fully aligned to your curriculum and provides a solid foundation for an engaging and effective learning experience.

The first apprenticeship standards that will be available on the Pearson LearningHub are:

  • Team Leader / Supervisor Level 3
  • Adult Care Worker Level 2
  • Lead Adult Care Worker Level 3
  • Business Administrator Level 3
  • Digital Marketer Level 3.