Marketing Digital Marketing and Analytics (Level 3)


Specification - Certificate (Level 3)
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First teaching: 2019

First assessment: 2019

This is an ideal qualification for students wishing to pursue a specialised digital marketing role in a work environment.

Students will develop a deeper understanding of the digital environment and learn to understand and process digital information, They will also learn about the latest devices and gain confidence in this fast-changing area of marketing.

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Useful documents

Sample Assessment Materials (SAM)
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Additional Sample Assessment Materials (ADSAM) - Paper
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Additional Sample Assessment Materials (ADSAM) - Mark Scheme
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Qualification type: LCCI IQ
Qualification title: Pearson LCCI Level 3 Certificate in Digital Marketing and Analytics
Accreditation status: Accredited
Guided Learning Hours (GLH): 120
Specification codes: ASE20202
Qualification number (QN): 603/3113/6
Availability: UK and international
Assessment availability: Series

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