LCCI in English language English for Business (Preliminary level)

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LCCI English for Business qualifications will be retired and unavailable for delivery as of 31 December 2021. The last test registration will be accepted on 30 November 2021. Please contact your local Pearson office or email for more details on our alternative speaking test and a new Business English test we are currently developing as a superior replacement product.

COVID-19: Until further notice, all scheduled exams from March 2020 through July 2020 have been postponed to later dates in the year due to the impact of COVID-19. On-demand tests can resume as of 20 April 2020. Please contact your local Pearson team for more details.

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Our international LCCI Preliminary Level Certificate in English for Business helps learners to develop their reading, writing, listening and speaking business English language skills. It's suitable for those with a fundamental understanding of English in a business context and those with the ability to use the language in a practical way at a very basic level. Further progress can be made up to level 4 of this qualification.
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LCCI English for Business (preliminary level) syllabus
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Qualification type:
Qualification title:
Pearson LCCI English for Business (preliminary level)
Accreditation status:
Subject suite:
English Language
Specification codes:
Qualification number (QN):
International only
Assessment availability:
On demand
Final certification:
  • 30 July 2014
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