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If you use the Qualification Management Application (QMA) to register your learners for their qualification and book your onscreen tests, you can find guidance on how to book, amend, cancel and deliver your learner’s onscreen tests here. You can also view how to access results and score reports (for applicable qualifications).

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You can deliver tests booked on QMA using any version of the Pearson Onscreen Platform.

The Qualification Management Application (QMA) is an online information and administration system which is accessed by all approved centres. QMA provides support at every stage of the qualification cycle, from approval to registration and entry, reporting of achievement and results, as well as post-results services. 

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The video guidance below will show you the steps you need to follow to book your learner’s onscreen tests.

The video guidance below will show you the steps you need to follow to amend or cancel your learner’s onscreen tests.

Additional time of up to 50% can be added by selecting the time required from the drop down menu at the time of booking. To add more than 50% extra time you will need to e-mail

The video guidance below will show you the steps you need to follow to view your learner’s results.

Important: the service levels for the return of results may differ from one qualification to another. To find out what the service level is please refer to the relevant qualification page.

Depending on the qualification, the score report or rich feedback can be located on either Qualification Management or ResultsPlus.

BTEC Specialist qualifications score reports can be found on Qualification Management.

Results feedback for all other qualifications (where available) can be located on Results Plus if it is available.

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If you use QMA to deliver your onscreen tests you will need to generate a PIN in order to access your learner’s tests once they have been booked.

  • Once you're logged in to Qualifications Management, use the drop-down arrow at the top right to reveal the menu. Select 'My Account'.
  • On the 'My Account Details' screen, expand the 'Onscreen Test Platform PIN' drop-down at the bottom.
  • To create your Pearson Onscreen Test Platform PIN, select 'Generate'.
  • Your Pearson Onscreen Test Platform PIN will be displayed. If your PIN is compromised you can generate a new one by selecting 'Generate' again. This can be done as many times as you need.
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