Financial and quantitative Financial Accounting L3 (September 2015)

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Specification L3 Financial Accounting
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First teaching: 2015

First assessment: 2016

This helps learners to develop the required skills to produce financial records, summarising an organisation's financial transactions over a specific accounting period, and its current financial position in terms of assets, liabilities and capital. They're suitable for those working or preparing to work in accounting environments or supporting a company's finance department.

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Useful documents

Sample assessment material Level 3
Sample Assessment Materials (SAM)
pdf | 1.1 MB
Pearson LCCI Level 3 Certificate in Financial Accounting - Changes between Issue 3 and Issue 4 specifications
Changes between Issue 3 and 4 specification
pdf | 76.2 KB


Qualification type: LCCI IQ
Qualification title: Pearson LCCI Level 3 Certificate in Financial Accounting (VRQ)
Accreditation status: Accredited
Guided Learning Hours (GLH): 150
Specification codes: ASE20097
Qualification number (QN):  601/5186/9
Availability: UK and international
Assessment availability: Series

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