Students from 'Newton Business' and 'Art and Design by OpenSchool' captivated audiences with their theatrical rendition of the "Mahabharata" at the Kbank Siam Pic-Ganesha Theatre in Bangkok, Thailand last Saturday. This exceptional performance was part of an assignment for students pursuing BTEC Higher Nationals in Business, Performing Arts, Creative Media, and Art and Design.

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The "Mahabharata" (an epic steeped in ancient Indian lore) was transformed into a modern spectacle through the joint efforts of these diverse departments. Each student's role in this production was intricately tied to their specific field of study, resulting in a project rich with talent and expertise. 

  • Business students showcased their organisation and event management skills, highlighting their understanding of real-world business scenarios. Their contribution was critical in areas such as marketing, financial planning, and operational logistics, ensuring the seamless execution of the production. 
  • Performing Arts students breathed life into this age-old story with their dynamic interpretations and compelling performances. Their portrayal of iconic characters was both powerful and nuanced, displaying a deep understanding of the text and their craft. 
  • Creative Media students played a pivotal role in bringing visual and auditory elements to the forefront. From captivating video projections to intricate sound designs, their work elevated the audience's experience, showcasing their technical skills and artistic sensibilities. 
  • Art and Design students were the architects behind the visually stunning sets and costumes. Their innovative designs and attention to detail created an immersive environment that perfectly complemented the narrative and performances. 

"We are delighted that our annual Drama on Stage of "Mahabharata and Ramayana" proved to be a great success. The collaborative effort and dedication from the students of Business, Performing Arts, Creative Media and Art and Design resulted in invaluable experiences to all students involved. Not only did they deliver a compelling storyline, but they also created such beautiful experiences with positive values."

- Apitha Wonlopsiri (School Director, OpenSchool)


This interdisciplinary approach to the "Mahabharata" production was not only a part of the students' curriculum but also a testament to the holistic educational philosophy at 'Newton Business' and 'Art and Design by OpenSchool'. By bridging the gap between different fields of study, the institution has fostered an environment where collaborative learning and practical application go hand in hand.

As the audience applauded the spectacular performance, it was clear that this was more than just a theatrical show; it was a celebration of interdisciplinary education and the incredible potential of students when they unite their diverse talents and perspectives. The "Mahabharata" production stands as a shining example of how educational institutions like 'Newton Business' and 'Art and Design by OpenSchool' are preparing students for a dynamic world.