Physical Education

Amendment to GCSE Physical Education exam from summer 2012
We’re making a small change to the written examination paper for both the GCSE Physical Education full and short courses from summer 2012.

Individual unit resits removed from GCSE Physical Education (2PE01)
From summer 2014, GCSE PE candidates can no longer resit individual units, and must retake the whole qualification if they want to improve their outcome.

Flat bat rounders not approved for GCSE PE
Flat bat rounders is not an approved Edexcel GCSE Physical Education activity.

Further support for GCSE PE Unit 1 exams (5PE01/5PE03)
Read on to look back at the changes to the summer 2012 question papers for GCSE PE Unit 1, and to look ahead to further changes from summer 2013.

Supporting your delivery of Unit 2: Performance in Physical Education
Following the summer 2013 exam series, we have clarified some key issues that you have asked us about.

Clarification on controlled assessment for GCSE PE Unit 2 Performance in Physical Education (5PE02/5PE04)
Now that the GCSE Physical Education specification is linear, marks for controlled assessment tasks cannot be submitted until the final year of assessment.

Our response to questions about GCSE Physical Education Unit 1 (5PE01)
Here’s our explanation, in response to your queries, of the outcome of GCSE PE Unit 1: The Theory of Physical Education (5PE01). We hope you find it useful.

Applying for special consideration where practical assessment cannot take place
When candidates are unable to participate in the moderation day/final assessment for GCSE PE due to illness or injury, you can apply for special consideration.

Meeting Local Needs: changes to approval process for additional/alternative activities
Meeting Local Needs, the approval process for additional or alternative activities for GCSE Physical Education, has changed.

Information for centres planning to offer indoor climbing from 2014
If your centre is planning to offer indoor climbing from 2014 but you haven't received our permission, you must apply via the Meeting Local Needs process.

Updated sample assessment materials for changes to exam papers from summer 2013
We have made some minor changes to the examination papers for both the GCSE PE full course (5PE01) and short course (5PE02).

New process for additional activities in GCE Physical Education
We're changing the way you should contact us to request approval for additional activities in GCE Physical Education Unit 2 and 4.

Instruction for the Conduct of Controlled Assessment (ICCA) 2014/2015 now available for download
Download the new guidance for centres assessing candidates in summer 2015 for GCSE Physical Education full course (2PE01) and/or short course (3PE01).

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