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Individual unit resits removed from GCSE Physical Education (2PE01)

Mon Mar 03 12:30:00 UTC 2014

From summer 2014, GCSE PE candidates can no longer resit individual units, and must retake the whole qualification if they want to improve their outcome.

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Candidates will have to take all assessments at the end of the course. This will be of particular interest to candidates who claimed the full course award via the top-up route and wish to retake part of the qualification from summer 2014.

The controlled assessment unit (5PE02 or 5PE04 and 5PE05) results may be carried forward if a candidate is satisfied with the outcome and only wants to improve the outcome for the written paper (5PE01).

However, there is an exception to this rule for candidates who completed the full course (2PE01) by topping up from a short course, which means they:

  • completed 5PE04
  • completed top-up unit 5PE05 to provide marks for two additional performances
  • completed 5PE01

but previously used the result for 5PE04 to claim a short course qualification (3PE01).

These candidates are not allowed to carry forward the controlled assessment result for 5PE04 and must retake the full course qualification – 5PE01 and 5PE02. This means candidates will have to be formally assessed again in four performances and the analysis of performance (5PE02), as well as completing the written paper examination (5PE01).

Ofqual forbids the re-use of controlled assessments for a full course qualification that have already been used for a short course qualification.

This rule does not apply to candidates who were initially entered for 5PE04 and did not claim the short course qualification before completing the top up unit 5PE05.

As a reminder, candidates are no longer able to top up from the short course qualification to the full course qualification. Therefore centres can no longer make entries against unit 5PE05.


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