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Flat bat rounders not approved for GCSE PE

5 December 2013

Flat bat rounders is not an approved Edexcel GCSE Physical Education activity.

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We are aware that some centres offer flat bat rounders and assess candidates against the standard rounders assessment criteria, or wish to offer this activity for assessment within GCSE Physical Education.

This activity will not be accepted because:

  • The use of a flat bat over the standard rounded-end wooden, plastic or metal bat gives candidates an unfair advantage over those participating in standard rounders. 
  • There is not a substantial difference in the rules and regulations for standard and flat bat rounders, so it cannot be classified as a stand-alone activity. 

Any centres planning to assess rounders should use the rounders criteria in the controlled assessment guide and the specified equipment for standard rounders. If the correct equipment is not used and/or candidates are not assessed against the approved criteria, candidates' marks will be adjusted.

We originally issued this notice to centres on 23 September 2013 and again on 1 October 2013. If you have any concerns about this information please contact the PE Assessment Team: physicaleducation@pearson.com.


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