Planning to offer indoor climbing from 2014? | Pearson qualifications

Information for centres planning to offer indoor climbing from 2014

17 March 2014

If your centre is planning to offer indoor climbing from 2014 but you haven't received our permission, you must apply via the Meeting Local Needs process.

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The assessment criteria in the controlled assessment guide (pages 64 to 65) is for outdoor climbing only, and you should not use this to assess candidates participating in indoor climbing.

You'll find more information about the Meeting Local Needs process on the course materials page under 'teaching materials' and 'Meeting Local Needs'.

The deadline for applications is 30 October in the academic year the activity will first be taught. We won't process any applications we receive after this date until April the following year, so your centre wouldn't be able to deliver the activity until the next academic year.

If you have completed your climbing course through NICAS, you can use their course logbook as part of their evidence for moderation.

'Outdoor climbing' definition
Outdoor climbing is performed in a natural environment. Artificial climbing walls that are positioned or located outside are not considered outdoor climbing. You should assess candidates using the indoor climbing criteria if artificial climbing walls are used during the assessment.


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