Pearson LCCI qualifications specialise in using traditional assessment methods to test practical, vocational skills. LCCI has been delivering international exams for 120 years and it's a name that is recognised by employers around the world.

Our current qualifications portfolio spans three key suites: Financial & Quantitative, Marketing and Business. With qualifications ranging from Level 1 to Level 4, there is a LCCI qualification to suit all learners, whether they are looking to develop practical skills for their first job, or learn new and different skills to support a career change or promotion.

Our full range of current Pearson LCCI qualifications have gone through a transformation in recent years and we now have a full range of quality, relevant qualifications that have been designed with industry experts and recognised by professional bodies.

If you are interested in delivering Pearson LCCI qualifications, please complete this form. Your local regional team will then make contact and assist you to introduce LCCI qualifications to your learners. 

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