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Results for students and parents

Results for students and parents

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You’ll find information to support you in your next steps as you get your grades on results day.
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Results dates

Below are the results dates for all Pearson qualifications.

Students are permitted to receive their results on the results days from 8am (UK).

Students with access to ResultsPlus Direct will be able to see their results on the results days from 9am (UK).

  Exam     session Results to centres Results to students Qualification
Oct-23 17/01/2024 18/01/2024 IAL, iPrimary, iLowerSecondary
Nov-23 10/01/2024 11/01/2024 GCSE English Language and Mathematics
Nov-23 24/01/2024 25/01/2024 International GCSE
Jan-24 06/03/2024 07/03/2024 International A level, Project (EPQ and Levels 1 and 2) and Edexcel Award
Jan-24 20/03/2024 21/03/2024 BTEC Nationals, Firsts and Tech Awards (from 2022)
Feb-24 03/04/2024 04/04/2024 BTEC Firsts and Tech Awards (from 2017)
Mar-24 24/04/2024 25/04/2024 BTEC Level 2 Technicals
Jun-24 14/08/2024 15/08/2024 AS/A level, AEA, Edexcel Award Level 3, EPQ and Mathematics in Context, International A level
Jun-24 07/08/2024 15/08/2024 BTEC Nationals
Jun-24 21/08/2024 22/08/2024 GCSE, International GCSE, Project Level 1 and 2, Edexcel Award Level 1 and 2, and ELC(A), iPrimary, iLowerSecondary
Jun-24 16/08/2024 22/08/2024 BTEC Firsts, Level 2 Technicals and Tech Awards (from 2017)
Jun-24 21/08/2024 22/08/2024 Tech Awards (from 2022)

Results support

During the results period you can contact our Learner, Parent and Carer support team using our customer portal. Our portal provides you with the option to call, message or live chat the team.

A message to our BTEC learners from Freya Thomas Monk, Managing Director, Vocational Qualifications and Training 

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2024 results: a guide for students, parents and carers

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Grade boundaries

Grade boundaries (and pass marks) indicate the minimum marks needed to achieve a certain grade.

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Appeals and post-results services

Get information on how our review of marking works.

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Mark conversion

Easily translate your exam scores into final marks with our grade-converter and component-scaling tools.

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Understanding marks and grades

Guidance on how we mark assessments and calculate grades.

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Understand your results

Understanding your results

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