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Find out more about Skilled for Life, how it works, who it’s for, and how it can help you to deliver Traineeships.

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What is Skilled for Life?

Skilled for Life is our employability toolkit, providing you with everything you need to teach your learners the skills and knowledge required to secure lasting employment.

An ideal framework for schools, FE colleges and private training providers, Skilled for Life allows you to deliver Traineeships, work programmes and more, with the flexibility to meet learners’ individual needs, ambitions and interests.

The Skilled for Life toolkit consists of 3 main components:

These components are structured around 5 key areas of learning, to develop the skills and knowledge that everyone needs in the workplace:

How does it work?

Skilled for Life uses a credit-based model

Centres register learners for a specific number of credits. They then select and deliver the learning units that meet each individual’s needs.

There are no rules of combination or mandatory units – each learner only studies what they need to.

This credit-based model means programmes can be scaled to the needs of each individual learner and to fit around your existing curriculum.

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Unit and qualification certification are awarded

Learners who complete a Skilled for Life programme will receive unit certification. If an appropriate rule of combination has been made, then the learner will be credited with the qualification that has been achieved.

To see which units are available, select a learning area from the Skilled for Life homepage.

Delivery and learner resources are included

Skilled for Life offers a comprehensive support package to help you deliver a personalised programme.

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Who’s it for?

Skilled for Life is suitable for a wide range of learners from a variety of backgrounds, age groups and ability ranges.

It’s aimed at all learners aged 14 and above who are preparing to work towards or gain sustainable employment, as well as for learners participating in study programmes and Traineeships.

We’ve built Skilled for Life to be flexible so that it meets the needs of schools, FE colleges and private training providers delivering the skills required to succeed in the workplace.  

How can Skilled for Life help me deliver Traineeships?

Traineeships, which form part of the Study Programme reforms, are designed to support young people in developing the skills needed to progress quickly to Apprenticeships and employment.

We believe that Skilled for Life – Pearson’s employability toolkit – is the perfect framework for delivering personalised Traineeships.

With over 1,000 units available, it gives you the ultimate flexibility to design a programme around an individual’s needs, while the leading work search and diagnostic tools provide you with a comprehensive range of support.

To find out more about how Traineeships can be delivered through Skilled for Life, visit our Traineeships pages.  

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