Skilled for Life uses a credit-based model, where centres register learners for a specific number of credits, then select and deliver the learning units that meet each individual’s needs. 

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This credit-based model means programmes can be scaled to the needs of each individual learner and to fit around your existing curriculum.

When registering learners you will need to select the number of credits that you expect them to complete. If you need additional credits at a later date, you can purchase them by transferring learners to a different sized credit package.

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The delivery and learner resources are included in each credit package, including the English, maths and ICT initial assessment tools.

Credit packages

Number of credits


Number of credits (including SelfSmart)


1-3 credits


1-3 credits (inc. SelfSmart)


4-6 credits


4-6 credits (inc. SelfSmart)


7-12 credits


7-12 credits (inc. SelfSmart)


13-24 credits


13-24 credits (inc. SelfSmart)


25-36 credits


25-36 credits (inc. SelfSmart)


37-48 credits


37-48 credits (inc. SelfSmart)


49-56 credits


49-56 credits (inc. SelfSmart)


57+ credits


57+ credits (inc. SelfSmart)


Support tool

If you want to purchase the SelfSmart behavioural diagnostic tool on top of your credit package, there’s an extra charge of £10 (plus VAT) per learner.