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Find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Functional Skills.

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For an introduction to Functional Skills qualifications, see About Functional Skills.

You’ll find an explanation of how Functional Skills are assessed on the About Functional Skills page.

Learners can resit the tests as many times as required. You’ll have to make a new entry each time for Level 1 and 2.

At Entry Level there are three sets of assessments per level for each subject. If a learner does not pass their assessment, they may sit the alternative test, providing there is a gap of at least 14 days. 

For the test windows model, results will be received within 6 weeks of assessment and certificates will be received 2 weeks after results have been received. (The results are available on ResultsPlus on the same day.) For the on-demand model, results are available within a maximum of 4 weeks after the test is uploaded.

You can find general information on making vocational registrations here.

You’ll find more specific details in the Functional Skills section of the Information Manual.  

Test entries only apply to Levels 1 and 2 – you don’t need to make test entries at Entry Level.

You can make entries for the paper-based sessions without late fees up to 3 weeks before the test date. You can make entries for the onscreen tests and ICT on-demand tests up to 2 hours before you wish to sit the test, provided learners’ details are already registered.

You can access the live assessments once you’ve registered learners. You’ll find them in the secure section of the Edexcel website. To access these assessments you’ll need your Edexcel Online username and password.

We’ll allocate a standards verifier to your centre once learners are registered.

You can find details of Functional Skills fees on our fees page.

All resits require marking, and are therefore chargeable at Level 1 and 2. Entry Level resits are free, as a registration is only closed after claiming a certificate.

There are no additional costs (for example, for centre registration).

Learners may sit different Functional Skills at different levels. If learners are taking Functional Skills as stand-alone qualifications, they should sit tests at the level appropriate to them.

If a learner is enrolled on an Apprenticeship, the requisite Functional Skills subjects need to be completed at the level specified within the Apprenticeship framework.

For details of how to apply for special consideration, see the special consideration page.

There are no set age limits for taking Functional Skills tests, but do consider learners’ maturity and their readiness for assessment when entering them for these tests. Formative assessments by your centre should inform your decision on the level it would be appropriate to enter learners for.

They will not be the same for every paper. The papers are awarded (that is, the pass marks are set) by senior examiners for every series. This awarding process takes into account the Functional Skills standards and learner performance on that particular paper.

There are no proxies for Functional Skills. However, for Apprenticeship learners there are alternative qualifications. Please see the Specification for Apprenticeship Standards in England (SASE) on the Apprenticeships website.

Where centres and/or students are dissatisfied with a decision relating to the awarding of a result there is an opportunity to appeal. This guidance provides information on how to appeal a decision.

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