Find out about our Advanced Extension Award (AEA qualification) for A level mathematics. 

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AEA qualifications were originally introduced with the aim of challenging the top 10% of candidates and helping to differentiate between the most able candidates. After the new A* grade was introduced in 2010, there was no longer a need for the Advanced Extension Award, and the qualification was withdrawn for all subjects except Mathematics.

There is no additional teaching content for Edexcel AEA Mathematics, only an additional exam on the A level Mathematics content you have already learnt.

If you’re studying A level Mathematics, you may want to consider taking the AEA as a way of boosting your UCAS score. A distinction is worth 40 UCAS points, and a merit is worth 24 points.

For more information about UCAS points, please use the UCAS Tariff calculator.

Find out more about Edexcel AEA Mathematics.