Since the introduction of the reformed, decoupled AS and A level qualifications, we’ve become aware of an increasing preference within schools for a two-year linear A level delivery model. This has been especially true in particular subjects and our research to date tells us that this movement towards A level is likely to continue.

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In looking into this, we’ve heard a number of common reasons for the shift away from AS qualifications. These include:

  • AS ‘not counting’ towards an A level grade
  • distinct coursework (or speaking assessments) at AS and A level
  • the volume of content of the reformed A levels
  • time and budgetary constraints.

Teachers have also told us that they have seen the following benefits for students in focusing on a two-year A level-only course in these particular subjects:

  • more time for students to engage with their subject 
  • more space to consider the content more deeply 
  • a longer development time for the necessary skills
  • the opportunity to develop both breadth and depth of subject coverage
  • less exam and/or coursework preparation and revision throughout the first year of the A level course.

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