Advanced Extension Award Mathematics (2018)

Our new Advanced Extension Award in Mathematics is designed for the top 10% of students to help differentiate between the most able candidates. First assessment will be summer 2019.

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The new Advanced Extension Award is aimed at the top 10% of A level Mathematics students, to differentiate between the most able candidates

The Advanced Extension Award is a single exam based on A level Mathematics content, so requires no additional teaching or learning time. 

The Advanced Extension Award helps to develop problem-solving skills that are advantageous for higher education maths-related courses and/or employment. It tests students' ability to solve high demand, complex problems and evaluate and analyse very analytical questions, all of which are highly sought-after skills. 

A distinction is worth 40 UCAS points and a merit is worth 20 points, giving students an extra way to demonstrate their abilities when applying to university. 


Edexcel Advanced Extension Award in Mathamatics specification
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Advanced Extension Award
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The AEA in Mathematics is based on advanced A level Mathematics subject criteria rather than an individual specification, so there's no additional teaching content.

AEA Mathematics is accessible to all able candidates, whatever specification they're studying.

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The AEA in Mathematics aims to challenge the top 10% of candidates and help differentiate between the most able students.

It's accessible to all A level Mathematics students, regardless of which specification you're following.

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