Our Edexcel A levels for first teaching from 2018. 

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Pearson is strongly committed to maintaining the availability of a wide range of language A levels. Although some awarding organisations are ceasing to offer those language A levels only taken by a limited number of students, we believe these qualifications are an important contribution to fostering diversity and community cohesion.

We will therefore offer redeveloped Edexcel A level qualifications for first teaching in 2018 and first A level assessment in 2020 in the following subjects:

We will also be developing new A level qualifications for the following subjects:
  • Gujarati
  • Portuguese
  • Persian
  • Turkish

The current awarding body for these qualifications, OCR, will cease to offer these AS and A level qualifications from 2018. To find out more about the current qualifications in these A level subjects please visit the OCR website.

Our discussions with schools and colleges have indicated that under the new system, in which AS results will no longer count towards final A level grades, take-up of AS level will be very limited. For this reason, we have taken the decision to only offer the full linear A level in the languages being developed for first teaching 2018.