BTEC Tech Awards Art and Design Practice (2018)‚Äč

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The BTEC Tech Award in Art and Design Practice is a KS4 qualification designed for 14-16 year olds in schools to be taken alongside GCSEs.

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Changes to BTEC Tech Awards qualification points calculation

A change has been made to the qualification grading-points table that appears in the Tech Award specifications. To find out more about this change and what it means for your students, please read our news item.

The current Tech Award Guide & Specification are below. To review the Tech Award Guide & Specification from September 2022 click here.

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First-Look Guide BTEC Tech Award in Art and Design
Download PDF | 2.2 MB

Teaching from: September 2018 
External assessment from: May 2020
Performance tables: Technical Award (2020 to 2023 results)


BTEC Level 1/ Level 2 Tech Award in Art and Design specification
Download PDF | 3.6 MB

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