Post-16 English and mathematics

Helping every learner maximise their potential in English and mathematics

With our wide range of qualifications and wealth of knowledge and resources, we can help you identify your learners' skills gaps and support them with English and mathematics training tailored to their needs and ambitions.

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Our promises

Our range of English and maths qualifications offers your learners a clear progression pathway.

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Diagnostic testing

Diagnostic testing with our free Initial Assessment Tool

Use this reliable tool to assess the skills gaps of your learners and develop the best route forwards for them.

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Once you've identified your learners' needs, you can help them to progress with our English and maths qualifications.

Teaching support

Teaching support

We provide a range of resources to give you what you need to deliver our English and maths qualifications and to encourage your learners to strive towards independent learning.

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Our face-to-face training events and training podcasts will help you get to grips with our qualifications.

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We know that your learners appreciate extra help if they need it, and we're committed to supporting them. Your students can type a question at any time and one of our expert tutors will help them with a solution and guidance, keeping them on track and motivated.

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Our qualifications provide learners with the skills they need to gain employment, move ahead with further study or support them in life, meaning you will be able to get full funding for the learner. They provide learners with confidence and knowledge to succeed in whatever they do to move forward.

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