New apprenticeships Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) Driver (L2)

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Large goods vehicle (LGV) drivers drive in a safe and fuel-efficient manner, ensuring that the right products are delivered at the right time, location and temperature (if required), with the correct documentation and within the shortest lead times. They are responsible for maintaining the integrity of lead and vehicle by applying correct procedures for restraint, road, health and safety, and may work within one or more subsectors. They will deliver to a range of settings from warehouses to private homes, may be required to work in shifts and will usually work alone. 

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Mandatory requirements

In order to meet the apprenticeship standards, apprentices must:

  • achieve a minimum of Level 1 English and attempt a Level 2 English
  • achieve a minimum of Level 1 Maths and attempt a Level 2 Maths
  • hold a Category C licence during the apprenticeship in order to drive large goods vehicles.



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