New apprenticeships Adult Care Worker (L2)

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About the role

To work in care is to make a positive difference to someone’s life when they are faced with physical, practical, social, emotional or intellectual challenges. An adult care worker works with people and is passionate about supporting and enabling people to live a more independent and fulfilling life. This is a rewarding and worthwhile job that provides excellent career opportunities.

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We provide a clear learning programme to take apprentices from entry through to the gateway for end-point assessment.

You can use our on-programme offer regardless of whether you are using Pearson as your end-point assessment organisation or not.


There is a mandatory qualification for this standard.

skills for care

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As both a vocational and academic awarding organisation, we can offer a wide range of English and maths qualifications in line with your standards’ requirements from Functional Skills through to GCSEs.

Learning resources

Apprenticeship handbook
An ideal course companion to support apprentices throughout their on-programme learning for Adult Care Worker Level 2.

Digital learning resources on Learning Hub
We offer an online course which is mapped to the Adult Care Worker Standard and covers the personal attributes and behaviours expected of all Adult Care Workers (the 6 Cs) and more.

English and maths resources
We have a wide range of resources and useful tools to complement your programme, including assessment tools, podcasts and training events.

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End-point assessment

End-point assessment

As an ESFA-approved Assessment Organisation, we provide a full range of EPA assessment services and support from our experienced EPA team to equip you and your learners with the diverse requirements of the apprenticeship standards.

You can use Pearson as your end-point assessment organisation, regardless of whether you choose to use our on-programme offer or not.

Care Services

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There are 2 components that make up end-point assessment for the Adult Care Worker standard:

  • Situational Judgement Test
  • Professional Discussion

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In addition to the on-programme resources, we also provide EPA resources, EPA specification, Additional resources document and Practice knowledge test.

These resources are available to our customers who have signed up to Pearson EPA and they include the information on:

  • Structure
  • Grading
  • Gateway requirements
  • Assessment content
  • Evidence requirement for each component

These resources are designed to enhance knowledge and/or hone essential skills required.

We have designed a step-by-step guide, with signposts to our key supporting information, resources and services available at every stage of the process.


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