International Advanced Level Applied ICT (2016)

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Supporting success in Applied ICT

Our Edexcel International Advanced Level in Applied ICT specification and support materials have been developed with the help of teachers, universities and subject expert groups.

It is designed for students who are studying Applied ICT in order to enhance their future educational or employment prospects. Students will cover Unit topics such as: The Information Age, The Digital Economy, Using Database Software and Managing ICT Projects.  

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Pre-release June 2017

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International Advanced Level Applied ICT (2016) Specification
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Qualification type:
International Advanced Level
Level 3
Applied ICT
Specification codes:
International only
First teaching:
First assessment:
Final assessment:
June 2019

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Why choose this specification?

Designed for the global learner, this qualification includes specific international content, making it highly relevant to students across the world.

Created in consultation with world-leading Higher Education Institutions, this new qualification provides students with access to local and international universities. 

This qualification is 100% externally assessed and has a modular structure.

Resources and training programmes will be available to support you to deliver this new qualification with confidence from September 2016 onwards.

As a result of ongoing reform of GCE A levels in consultation with Ofqual (the regulator of qualifications, assessments and examinations in England), all UK Awarding Bodies have withdrawn the option of Applied GCE A levels for learners. As a result, the final teaching date for these qualifications was September 2015, with final certification for two-year courses in June 2017, further information is available here.  

In response to this, we have developed an Edexcel IAL Applied ICT qualification, for first teaching in September 2016, available to schools and learners outside of the UK. Edexcel GCE A level and IAL Applied ICT qualifications contain the same unit content and assessments. The only difference between the two qualifications is the specification cover design and layout. 

The Edexcel 2016 IAL Applied ICT qualification has a new entry model where-by unit entries and qualification cash-in codes are required. The entry model is in-line with other IAL subject qualification entries. Unit assessment will be available in June only for students outside of the UK.

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Learn more about the changes and how they relate to our Edexcel International Advanced Level qualifications.

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Studying this specification

You’ll study the following Unit topics: The Information Age, The Digital Economy, The Knowledge Worker, Using Database Software, Managing ICT Projects, Using Multimedia Software, Using Spreadsheet Software and Customising Applications.

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