Why choose our specification?

Our GCSE (9-1) Science specifications are straightforward, and our selection of core practicals are designed to help bring science learning to life. And when it comes to our assessments, we’re committed to ensuring they are as accessible as possible, to give all students the chance to demonstrate what they know and can do.

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We’re committed to ensuring our assessments are as accessible as possible with clear language, a simple layout and consistent use of command words so your students can focus on showing us what they know and what they can do.

Use our three sets of secure sample exam papers to familiarise your students with the structure of the papers and track their progress (full set available now and more coming in December 2018 and 2019).

Make the most of our free Access to Scripts and ResultsPlus services to see your candidates’ marked exam papers and where your students have performed well or may need extra support.

You can also sign up to our free Pearson Progression service which includes free assessments to track your students’ progress throughout the course. Plus, you can access our detailed examiner reports and pre-recorded online feedback sessions from the summer 2018 exam papers to gain insight into how students have performed in key areas such as practical and maths skills.

We offer a range of free and published resources* to cater for the needs of all your students, including our free interactive Scheme of Work which allows you to organise topics in the best way for your students and gives you access to differentiated lesson plans and resources. Our detailed mapping guidance enables you to see exactly how to adapt your lessons if you are considering moving from another awarding organisation, whilst our Guide to Maths for Scientists and our Core Practical Guide provide that extra support for these key areas.

*Pearson’s paid for resources are not a prerequisite for the delivery of Edexcel specifications.

Our Entry Level Certificates (ELC) are carefully designed to be co-taught with GCSE Combined Science, with the same topic structure, content and assessment layout for both qualifications. Use the ELC written tests whenever you finish teaching a section of content, and use these to track how your students are progressing through the course. You can then decide whether to enter them for GCSE, ELC or both.

Come to our regular UK-wide hub events for the opportunity to network with other teachers in your local area and share ideas on key aspects such as practical skills, stretching and challenging your students, and using feedback from exam papers. It’s your chance to ask us anything about the qualification, assessment or support materials and hear practical hints and tips from our specialists to support the teaching and learning in your classroom. 

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