Geography matters. That’s why our qualifications encompass a wide range of contemporary themes and issues, so students can understand the world around us and what could impact its future.

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Time for a change?

Alongside specifications designed to engage your classes, our assessments are built to encourage every student to best show what they know and can do. There are different ways to teach a subject as diverse as geography. We’ve worked with hundreds of practising teachers and the geography education community to create qualifications to help students become confident and successful geographers. With two specifications to choose from, you can teach the topics and themes using the approach that’ll work best for you and your students.

Our support also goes that step further to help your students master the key skills at the heart of being confident and capable geographers able to collate, interpret and articulate their findings. What’s more, we’ve got tools and published resources to help you plan, teach, track and assess our courses with confidence too.

Why switch to Pearson Edexcel GCSE Geography?

  • Clear specifications you can teach with confidence.
  • A meaningful and clearly structured approach to fieldwork.
  • Targeted and practical support to help students think geographically.
  • Assessments that give every student the chance to succeed.
  • Expert support every step of the way.

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